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Best articles: Seven little Known facts of Mahabharata  Karna Bhishma

06th Aug 2014
Birth of Shri Krishna

Janmashtmi festival – story of birth of Shri Krishna (in pictures)

Birth of Shri Krishna and the festival of Janmashtmi Birth of Shri Krishna is celebrated as the festival of Janmashtmi all over the India. This festival has a great significance...

29th Jul 2014
Lord Krishna and Rukmini

21 facts of Lord Krishna

 Shri Krishna – known and unknown facts 1. Shri Krishna was born in Rohini Nakshatra as the eighth son of Devki and Vasudeva. 2. He brought back the son of...

10th May 2014
Tulabharam Shri Krishna

Sage Narada – Tulabharam (Krishna, Satyabhama and Rukmini)

A tale of two wives of Shri Krishna This is the beautiful story of Shri Krishna and his two wives Satyabhama and Rukmini, which underlines the importance of devotion. Sage...

10th Apr 2014
Shri Krishna

Eighteen days of Mahabharata war

 Mahabharata war which lasted eighteen days In the context of Mahabharata, eighteen is an important number. Duryodhana had 11 akshouhini soldiers and Pandavas had 7, making a total of eigtheen. There...

25th Dec 2013
Ganesha and Lord Shiva

Seven interesting stories of Lord Ganesha (Indian mythology)

Lord Ganesha He is the son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, has the blessing that his worship should be performed before all gods. Following are some of the unknown...

09th Dec 2013
Draupadi's cheer haran at royal court of hastinapur

Shri Krishna did not save Draupadi from cheer haran

Who saved Draupadi from cheer haran The statement that Krishna did not save her, may appear as untrue. When we read the following facts, we may find there are other stories...

02nd Dec 2013
Lord Krishna

Seven occasions when Lord Krishna saved Pandavas

Shri Krishna – Friend, philosopher and guide of Pandavas Shri Krishna saved Pandavas on numerous occasions. Pandavas could not have survived the various designs of Shakuni and Duryodhana, if Shri...

26th Sep 2013

Family of Danveer Karna – Vrushali and Vrishketu

 Karna’s family – Vrushali, Vrishketu and others Karna was the eldest son of Kunti and Lord Surya. There is not much available about his family, but following briefly tells about...

10th Jan 2013
Krishna and Arjuna - Nar and Narayan

51 facts – Mahabharata

 Mahabharata – facts In the epic Mahabharata, there are numerous facts which fascinates us. This is also known as pancham veda or fifth veda. Few people know that the entire epic...

21st Aug 2012
Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple at Mathura

Shri Krishna janmabhoomi mandir (temple) at Mathura

Shri Krishna janmabhoomi temple The city of Mathura contains the famous Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple.  This temple is the birthplace of  Lord Krishna, who is believed to be the eighth incarnation of...

09th Aug 2012
Killing of Chhannura  and Mushtika

Pictures of Shri Krishna exploits

Shri Krishna and his exploits His teacher – Sandipani. Sage Sandipani taught Balrama and Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna and Balrama took education under sage Sandipani. There is famous story how...

06th Jul 2012
Baidyanath jyotirlinga temple

Deoghar, Baidyanath dham and Shravan festival

The Shravan festival The festival of Shravan or Kanwar festival is the most auspicious one for lord Shiva devotees. During this month, devotees from various parts of Bihar and Jharkhand...

23rd Sep 2010
Parshurama sleeping in Karna's lap

Seven little known facts about Karna from the Mahabharata

Karna – the most virtuous warrior from Mahabharata 1. Curses on Karna One afternoon Parashurama requested Karna to bring a pillow to sleep on under a tree shade. Karna instead...

26th Dec 2009
Bhishma forcing Krishna to take up the wheel of a chariot, despite the oath that he would not pick arms in the war

Bhishma Pitamah- who angered Shri Krishna

Bhishma – Mahabharata Mahabharata is probably the best piece of fiction ever written, if it did not happen in reality. And if story of mahabharat is someone’s imagination, then the...

10th Aug 2014
Kumbhkarna - The mighty brother of Ravana

The Ramayana (Rama, Ravana and Kumbhkarna) story in pictures – Yuddha Kand (6)

Yuddha Kand and Kumbhkarna – Part 6 In this article, exploits of mighty demon Kumbhkarna , brother of Ravana are detailed. Although opposed the Ravana’s action of abduction of Sita,...

25th Jul 2014
Several Demons killed by Hanumana

The Ramayana (Rama and Ravana) story in pictures – Yuddha Kand (5)

Yuddha Kand (Rama and Ravana)- Part 5 In this part of Yuddha kand, Ravana loses his top commanders to Rama’s monkey commanders. The mighty warriors of Ravana meet death at...

10th Jul 2014
Angad at Lanka

The Ramayana (Rama and Ravana) story in pictures – Yuddha Kand (4)

Yuddha Kand from Ramayana – Part 4 (contd.) In this article, events of the  first day of battle are described. High point of this battle was Rama and Laxmana were...

01st Jul 2014
Kanwar festival - Devotees taking gangajaal from har ki pairi

Kanwar festival or Shravan festival in India

Shravan festival in India The month of Shrawan is a very holy month for hindu pilgrims. In this month, Lord Shiva is worshipped in Deoghar and people from all part...

25th Jun 2014
Ravana dwells

The Ramayana (Rama and Ravana) story in pictures – Yuddha Kand (3)

Yuddha Kand (3) from Ramayana In this article, events pertaining to final war are described. Ravana sends spies to Rama’s camp, and Rama makes his own strategies. He even devises...

15th Jun 2014
Parshurama sleeping in Karna's lap

Mahabharat – Karna

Karna – The respectable character from Mahabharata Read more about Karna Karna – The incomparable Perhaps the most respectable character in Mahabharata, because he cannot be faulted for his actions....

10th Jun 2014
Vibheeshana and Rama

The Ramayana (Rama and Ravana) story in pictures – Yuddha Kand (2)

Yuddha Kand from Ramayana – Part 2 This chapter details how Rama and his army reached Lanka, building of bridge on ocean and Ravana sends spies to check upon Rama’s...

25th May 2014
Rama and Ravana - The Ramayana

The Ramayana (Rama and Ravana) story in pictures – Yuddha Kand (1)

Yuddha Kand (1) or Lanka Kand This is the last and the longest chapter of Valmiki Ramayana. This is also known as Lanka Kand. Since this is a long chapter,...

25th Apr 2014
Nala and Damyanti

The love story of Nala and Damyanti

Nala and Damyanti Maharaja Nala’s story is very similar to the story of Pandavas from Mahabharata. He was very fond of playing dice game and lost his kingdom while doing...