Maa Skandmata

The fifth manifestation of the goddess Durga was named Skandamata. As she is mother of Lord Skand (Kartikeya), she is called as Skandmata.

The Goddess in this form has a fair or golden complexion. She sits on a lion and has four hands. She carries lotus in two of Her hands and has Lord Skanda or Kartikeya seated on Her lap. This form of Devi Durga is especially significant because it shows the Goddess in Her mother form. The Skandmata form signifies that the Goddess looks after the whole universe like Her own child.

Maa Skandmata
Maa Skandmata

The story of Skandmata

Devi Skandmata or Parvati is the daughter of Himalaya and the wife of Lord Shiva. According to the scriptures, once a demon named Tarakasur was a source of trouble for the whole universe. He had a boon that he could be killed only by the son of Lord Shiva. But since Lord Shiva was a hermit, He did not marry. So, Tarakasur became more violent as he believed that he is immortal. Later Lord Shiva was married to the daughter of Himalaya, Goddess Parvati. With the union of Shiva and Shakti, Lord Kartikeya or Skandkumar was born. Hence Goddess Parvati came to be known as Skandmata. Later He killed Tarakasur. The Goddess is extremely protective about Her son. Whenever the oppression of the negative forces increase, She rides on a lion and accompanies Her son to kill them.

How Skandmata is worshipped

Goddess Skandmata is worshipped along with Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva on the fifth day of Navratri. The puja begins with chanting the mantras and offering a herb called Alsi. The fifth aspect of Maa Durga is also worshipped in the form of a medicine called Alsi (Teesi or Linseed). Offering this Alsi you can ward off the problems of cough, cold, bile and gas. So if you are suffering with these diseases, you should take Alsi as Prasad of Maa Skandmata. The main purpose of worshipping Maa Skandmata is to flourish the business and shop. You should follow the following instructions if you want a sudden development in your business.

Maa Skandmata story in Hindi

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