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Lord Shiva facts

Har har Mahadev. Lord Shiva, the god of destruction has got softer sides of him also. Here are few stories, which will definitely be of interest to you.

 Lord Shiva had six sons

Shiva’s first son is Lord Ayyapa and not Lord Ganesha or Lord Kartikeya. People often forget that Shiva had more than just two sons. Shiva had 6 sons (Ayyapa, Andhaka, Bhauma, Khuja, Ganesh, and Karthikeya/Subramanya) and one daughter (Ashok Sundari).

Lord Ayappa, Ganesha and Kartikeya – Three sons of Shiva

Of these children, Ayyappa was oldest and Ganesha and Kartikeya are actually the youngest children.
Lord Ayyappa was born out of the union between God Shiva and Mohini, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Ganesha and Kartikeya came long after Ayyappa, Andhaka, Bhauma, Khuja, and Ashok Sundari. It is believed Ashok Sundari was present at the time Ganesha was beheaded.

Lord Shiva in a smiling face is under the feet of angry Mother Kali

Perhaps the most humble lesson one can learn is from this legend. Lord Shiva, the Mahadev, is under the feet of Goddess Kali and smiling. He represents fury, anger and yet he is in his most benevolent form. Why is so? Read on.

Once upon a time, Goddess Kali was on a rampage. No demon, human or God stood a chance at stopping her blood-lust. A collective prayer was made to Lord Shiva by all beings to try to stop this Maha-Shakti form of his consort. Such was the power of the Goddess that wherever she set foot, absolute destruction followed suit.

The lord realized even he could not reason with such an elemental force. He had to reach out to her in terms of emotions. As such, he decided to lay down in the Goddess’ path. When Kali finally reached the spot where Lord was lying down, she did not notice him until she stepped on his chest.

So far, everything she was setting foot on was being destroyed. This was an exception, Kali was forced to look down and found the Lord there. Sudden realization dawned on her and she snapped out of her reverie and found herself extremely ashamed, sticking out her tongue instinctively as a sign of regret.

Maa Kali
Maa Kali

There are number of lessons here: No matter how resourceful one is, sometimes he has to deal with tact, as Lord did. Second, tricky situations can be overcome by thinking on your feet. In this story, we see shades of Lord Vishnu, when it comes to dealing with tact.

Lord Hanuman is an avatar of Lord Shiva

It is said that Bhagwan Hanuman is the eleventh reincarnation of the Lord. Also, Lord Hanuman is often recalled as Rudraavataar, or the reincarnation of Rudra and Shiva is also known as the Rudra.

The vanars or the ancestors of humans had helped Lord Rama (reincarnation of Lord Vishnu) in Ramayana.  Without their support, Rama could not have defeated Ravana.

Lord Hanuman is often worshipped for his devotion to Lord Rama and his part in the “good over evil.”  It is also depicted as the utter and infinite devotion of Lord Shiva to Lord Vishnu, as he reincarnated as a monkey and served him with all he had.

Lord Shiva and his family
Lord Shiva and his family

The Story of Amarnath cave

Amarnath cave is of utmost importance for followers of Lord. The legendary importance of Amarnath’s cave is related to the secret of immortality told to Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati. When Lord was insisted by his wife to reveal the secret of immortality, he decided to proceed towards the cave.

On his way to the cave he did a few things, which were great according to his devotees. Because of these few things, the entire way to the cave became blissful. Actually, in order to reveal the secret of amar katha, Lord left his son, vehicle, etc in various isolated places, which is why all these places seem like tirthasthal. There are two ways for Amarnath journey – Pahalgam and Sonmarg Baltal. According to mythology, Lord took the Pahalgam route to reach the cave.

Amarnath cave
Amarnath cave

Lord Shiva’s association with Nandi Bull

Lord Shiva and Nandi are inseparable. Nandi is the vehicle for the Hindu god of Shiva. In Hindu mythology, Nandi is the bearer of truth and righteousness. This story describes how Lord became associated with the bull Nandi.

One day, Surabhi, who was the original mother of all the world’s cows, began to give birth to an untold number of perfectly white cows.The milk from all these cows flooded the home of Lord.

Somewhere in the Himalaya. Angry at this disturbance to his meditation, the god struck the cows with fire from his third eye. In consequence, patches of the cows’ hides were turned brown. Still angry, the other gods sought to calm Lord down by offering him a magnificent bull – Nandi, the son of Surabhi and Kasyapa – which Shiva accepted and rode. Nandi also became the protector of all animals.

Nandi and Lord Shiva
Nandi and Lord Shiva

As Nandi is the assistant of the of Lord – he can also grant many boons. In South India – there is a tradition of talking one’s wish to Nandi’s ears that is then believed to be granted.

Powers of Nandi

Sudarshana chakra was given to Lord Vishnu by Lord Shiva

The famed Sudarshana chakra was bestowed to Lord Vishnu by Lord Shiva. Once, Vishnu was meditating Shiva’s sahasranama to please Lord. He kept thousand lotuses to please him. Lord wanted to test Lord Vishnu’s devotion and so he took one of the flower from flowers which Vishnu was using to offer it to Shivalinga on each naama.

At the thousandth name, vishnu was surprised to see he was not left with any flowers and so he took out his own eyes and offered it to Lord. As Lord Vishnu is also called Kamalnayan, his eye would serve the purpose of a Lotus flower. Shiva pleased with the level of devotion shown by Vishnu, bestowed Sudarshan chakra to Lord Vishnu.

Why Lord Shiva Covers His Body With Ash?

Lord Shiva’s body is always covered with ash and Shiv devotees wear ash tilak on forehead and hands. There is an interesting story in the Shiva Purana which narrates how Lord  came to be associated with Ash. There once lived a sage whose lineage was traced to the famous Saint Bhrigu. This sage performed intense austerities and became very powerful. He used to consume only fruits and later only green leaves and thus got the name – Pranada.

Sage Pranada continued his intense tapas and controlled all the animals and plants in the forest he lived. Once while cutting some grass to repair his hermitage, the sage cut his middle finger. But to his surprise instead of blood he saw sap of tree oozing through the cut.

Now Pranada thought that he had become so pious that instead of blood, sap is oozing through his body. Pride filled his mind and he started shouting in joy that he is the most pious man in the world now.

Lord Shiva who witnessed this event took the guise of an old man and reached the spot. When the old man asked for the reason for his uncontrollable delight, Pranada said that he has become the most pious man in the world as his blood as become quite similar to the sap of fruits and trees.

Then the old man asked what is there to be elated in this. It is just a sap. But when trees and plants are burned they turn into ash. Only ash remains that is surely the higher stage.

To demonstrate it the old man sliced his finger and suddenly ash came out of it. Sage Pranada soon realized that it was Lord standing before him and prayed to him for forgiveness for his ignorance.

It is said that ever since then Lord wears ash to remind his devotees about the ultimate reality and foolishness of getting enamored in physical beauty.

Lord Shiva tests Goddess Parvati

Few of us know that Shiva thoroughly tested Devi Parvati’s devotion before accepting her as a wife. He designed himself as a young Brahmin and told Parvati that would it be good for her to marry Lord who lived like a beggar and had nothing?

Parvati got very angry when she heard these words about Lord. She told him that she would marry no one but Shiva. Pleased with her answer, Lord came back to his real form and agreed to marry Parvati. Himavantha performed the wedding with great splendour.

Wedding of Shiva and Parvati
Wedding of Shiva and Parvati

Read the story of Lord Shiva marriage to Parvati here.

Lord Shiva stories

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  1. Leonard brook

    Im not sure but i think i have met shiva in the after life even held his hand .He was blue a male far as i could tell.I was lead there by a robed being.But im a believer in jesus christ and not indie but white male.So why would a god of indie want to meet me.Help confused?/?/?

    1. hi Leonard, well I am not an expert on these matters, but in Hindu religion, there is the concept of after life and every one has to undergo a number of cycles of death and life. So there could be a connection to your experience. The experience which you have encountered is very auspicious and could mean that you are very close to almighty. This has nothing to do with what you believe now, because every religion is great and should be followed, this is the teaching of Hinduism. I am intrigued by story, can you elaborate a bit more? Regards.

      1. Leonard brook

        Ok heres what happen while was under for back surgery .I awoke in dark place but not dark .I felt i had been there before.I started moving or being pushed .A image of my father appeared in front of me he was younger and fishing with a look on his face that was uncontent .He had passed away in a drowning accident.He 65.Anyway there he was i bagan to move towards him but something was wrong i began to turn into these black nats and swarmed on him.He became angery.I flew off into the darkness and a robed figure appeared he started telling things it enraged me.And then the darkness started covering me in this armor is the only way to describe it.Started moving again and the armor turned into a cage.And low behold there was a pit of fire i started to yell and panic. I was brought into the fire .Think whats this a hole being was burning started saying the lords name .It stop but iwas shaking all over hearing voices say what is he and does he belong to you and say he will destroy us and another voice saying no he want and the other saying look closer and voice said oh throw him back.I awoke again with the robed man leading me to a tunnel is the best that i can describe it .I started to go but became scared and asked if this was the way he said yes and pushed me. i started falling and then floating .I was in a dark place but with all these bubbles of light as far as i could see.Each bubble had something in them.I was brought to or landed on my hands and knees over one of the bubbles .There was a blue being in it .Looked to be laying down there was the robed figure telling me things about the blue being i felt moved or compassion for the being so stuck hand out to it .I heard voices all around me. The being grabed my arm like a indian hand shake.It was like lighting feld with power .The being started pulling down but something inside gave me the strenght to over come him and he let go.I outside the bubble i feeled with overwhelmingly power thinking whats this it started overcoming me with rage and anger.I started thinking oh no this is not good.Then the robed figure appeared in front of me and all that rage and anger was directed towards him.He said that i wasnt going to like it there .And voices started saying i Wouldn’t do that and another saying do it and see what happens .Now im that the robed figure is jesus so i say i will not hit my saviour .And voices say why do you resist and i hit the robed figure with my arm and hearing a voice saying no father he does not understand.I was thrown back out in darkness and ready for came next ready to fight.Then there was this light appeared like upside down crescent moon.The darkness started holding me so couldn’t fight what was coming.It light like no other light it pushed darkness away.I cover my eyes but had to see what it was.What i seen was like a ball of flame with two red eyes it hit me hard and lifted me out of the darkness that was holding me.I can say i have never felt such love and peace in that embrace i remember lying head on it .It said get your head off and threw me into a wall of jelly is the only way i can describe it.I began to sink into it and as i was going threw this wall a reflection appeared over me it was a golden warrior with a crown and a flaming sword and looked into his face and there my stars and planets.He said i wil protect you and that they would die.And i looked to see where we where going and it looked like planet earth.Thats when i began to feel my lungs and breathing again.Lord i felt like someone had beat me and was frezzing .I even tried to get up and remembered that had surgery .There was a nurse sitting at the bottom of where they had me. I tried several times i was frezzing .Finally must of heard me ,she threw several warm blanks on me .And went to get the doctor.I remember thinking how glad i was back and what a trip that was.Ive never been the same .I feel that something bads fixing to happen to the world and pray to the heavenly to forgive me and the world but im affraid its to late and his made his enternal will up.I have permanent nerve damage in right leg and walk with a cane at the age of 44.Was a hard worker but still im greatful for the life that has been given even with pain everyday.Ive come to understand alot of the ignorence i use to have and the false prided.I execpt what the creator has for me wether it be heaven or hell his judge is right.I have told my story before but never with all the truth until now.I was a shamedto tell my family and friends the truth ,thought they may think i was crazy.But dont really dont care what the world thinks of me anymore there something greater than this world know that now.Will thats all of it .And the creator be with you.

    2. Sounds like a nightmare, Leonard.

      Shiva does know you and but that was not him in your dream.

      Shiva does not care what color you are. He does not care what you call him as long as you acknowledge him. He is known by many names.

      While the God the Christian church wants you to believe in is not who Shiva really is, he is patient and compassionate, and knows that you will come to understanding some day. He is in no hurry for you. In good time, Leonard.

      Understand that Shiva is not aligned with any christian sect, and the only dogma he has ever endorsed is Advaita Vedanta. He has never asked anyone for a penny and never will.

      He would rather you take any monies that you would otherwise drop into a collection plate, and do good works with it.

      Leonard, please always remember one thing.

      That if you should ever find yourself in time of desperation, and don’t know where to turn. You need only whisper his name, and know that he hears you, and will lend his assistance as he sees fit.

      And that he loves you just as he loves everyone, unconditionally.

      I hope that answered your question, Leonard.

      Go with love and light, Leonard.

      Your friend, shiva!

  2. I will tell you that Shiva bristled when he read that hanuman was tribute to Vishnu as his devotion.

    First, Hanuman is not an avatar of Shiva.

    Hanuman is an avatar of the trimurti, and embodied by the Buddha.

    Shiva and Vishnu fight like two brothers. The stories I could tell.

    I'm not sure how it is that Vishnu came to be understood as the Supreme Deity, but that is incorrect.

    It is time for a Advaita Vedanta and Dvaita update.

    Here's the skinny.

    Brahmin was the Supreme Deity until the beginning of the Kali yuga.

    You might have noticed that noone has been "smitted” in some time. That was Brahmin, not Shiva.

    At that beginning of the Kali yuga, Shiva took the reins. Brahmin at that time, commanded Emeritus status. He now resides in heaven.

    That is when Krishna entered the picture.

    Please please, for my sake, don't mention about Shiva kowtowing to Vishnu in any way. Just doesnt happen.

    Shiva loves Vishnu just as he loves everybody, no matter what. But he does not necessarily like him.

  3. Whoa! Whoa boy!

    Shiva laughed when he saw that his house flooded with milk.

    This is how big a fish story can become from one pail of milk, a cow kicked over in the yard.

    The pail of milk was for Vishnu, and while I have yet to divine the details of it all, Vishnu had Shiva's followers offer tribute to Shiva, of nandi.

    Shiva laughed even harder, when he saw Nandi was his "vehicle". Nandi is no longer with Shiva, but Shiva has yet to replace Nandi, as he was and remains irreplaceable.

    It is shiva's wish that you not use this image, that portrays Nandi as less than beneficent. This is an inaccurate representation.

    Thank you

  4. The sudarshana chakra story is so unknown that it was a surprise to Shiva, as well.

    This story is completely false, and that nothing even remotely similar that this incident could have been inflated from ever happened.

    Please remove this anecdote, it is completely untrue and even made Shiva a little green at the thought.

  5. Parnada did not "control" the animals and plants. He lived in harmony with his surroundings. He understood the finer points of cosmos and worked within those protocols.

    While he did in fact, cut his finger, and had sap on his hand, he did not think that he was the most pious man in the world. (On a personal note, I'm thinking that would've gotten him censured by his sage peers at best. )

    There was an old man, but it was not an embodiment of Shiva.

    The exchange between the old man and parnada did take place, and the tree sap was metaphoric for subtle body. But, parnada did not do any shouting or think his blood had turned to sap. It was metaphoric.

    After the old man had gone on his way, Shiva did appear to Parnada as an apparition, at which time parnada took up his conversation with Shiva. He cut his finger again to only make a point of the argument.

    Shiva did debate with parnada about the fact that trees do not possess a astral body or a subtle body, as they do not possess a conscious. Parnada thought to the contrary.

    There is understanding to be found in every action of Shiva. His wearing the ash is or was understanding for parnada as well as everyone

    1. Hi jeff!!!
      I completely understand your concern, but i have only 1 question to ask do you believe in God??? If yes which God do you believe???

      Satish Nair.

  6. Shiva does not just "turn himself into" anything.

    Shiva can "embody" a person or an animal, but he is born with them and lives the life of that being to the end.

    The parrot in the image was one of Shiva's avatars.

    That bird taught me many things during his life, and one, the one that allowed me to know that it was Shiva, is that bird taught me what is unconditional love.

    While Shiva does not "test" people, he will offer them understanding in some fashion.

    This story really does not even sound correct to anyone that truly knows Shiva.

    Shiva's actions here, are evidence that this is not him. Shiva is not insecure in his world, and would not ever see a need to display such insecurities as he does here.

    Shiva knows if your heart is pure, without resorting to any "test".

    This incident did not ever occur. Please remove this story. It is not reflectant of Shiva, or his actions.

    Thank you
    Jeffery Barber
    Magi to the 22nd incarnation of the Krishna
    Templar Knight, Magi and prophet for the Architect of the Universe, and Great Creator of All Things, Lord Shiva.

  7. You know, I may have touched on the Shiva/Rudra connection elsewhere, but I'll tell you here, again in case it was a different site.

    Trying to get things changed back. One truth at a time.

    The only connection between Shiva and Rudra is through the esoteric mythology of the creature of light and creature of dark.

    They are polar opposites which of course represents the High Statute of Equilibrium.or Yin/Yang, the highest cosmic ordinance, and the law which absolutely everything rests under the umbrella.

    Newton has it dialed as well.

    The mythology is from Sumerian genealogies and history.

    Both Shiva and Rudra are dynastic avatars.

    I am also the end of a dynasty that lasted nearly a millennia.

    The two are not related and Shiva does take a bit of umbridge at the thought that people don't understand, I think, more than at the thought of being related in any way.

    That's why I'm here.

    These is the only, and I mean ONLY dogma that shiva stands behind, in front and on both sides of.

    Solely and completely devoted to Advaita Vedanta, alone.

    Every other religion in the cosmos can trace its roots back to this seed, brought here by the annunaki, and allowed to blossom into every dogma ever.

    This is the seed that became the mother tree.

    Alas, the farther removed these dogmas from the core tenets, the less like the true mother tree.

    It displeases shiva that any person or church would beg money using his good name and use it for self enrichment.

    Shiva has never asked a penny of anyone.

    If they are asking you for money in gods name, you can rest assured that the god that is the answerer of prayers, is not aligned with the Almighty God.

    They are selling you their brand of snake oil with his name on the label.

    Shiva gives away the real deal. If its being sold to you, reject it as an expensive fraud.

    Buy Shiva for nothing. With a lifetime double your money back warranty if you are any unsatisfied.

    Shiva bids you to remember, that if anyone, no matter their spiritual beliefs, ever finds themselves in a time of despair and doesn't know where to turn, you need only whisper his name, and know that he hears you, and will lend his help as he sees fit.

    And that he loves each and everyone the same, no matter what.

  8. Shiva says, Shiv and Shakti is the complete or else Shiv is Shav…,Jeffery…so wenever we sag SHIV , Shakti needs to be presumed

  9. Nice article. Its quite amazing to know that there are so many facts that many are not aware of. These stories are a perfect example. Hardly many are aware of Shiva making the world stand still during the end of the Krita yuga and the fact that any Yagna/ pooja is not complete without a sacrificial offering made to Shiva.

  10. Nice article. Its quite amazing to know that there are so many facts that many are not aware of. These stories are a perfect example. Hardly many are aware of Shiva making the world stand still during the end of the Krita yuga and the fact that any Yagna/ pooja is not complete without a sacrificial offering made to Shiva.

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