Haritalika Teej Story

Haritalika Teej Story

Haritalika Teej

Haritalika Teej is a famous festival which is celebrated on the third day of  Shukla Paksha. This is celebrated by married women in the honour of Goddess Parvati and the observer has to fast for three days.

hartalika teej Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati

The story behind this festival

The word Haritalika is made by joining the words ‘harat’ meaning abduction and ‘Aalika’ means one who is a good female friend. According to a story, it was on this day incarnation of Goddess Parvati was abducted by her friends to stop her marriage to Lord Vishnu, and ultimately she was married to Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati was in form of Maa Shailputri.

Goddess Parvati was performing penance for Lord Shiva. During this time, Narada Muni approached Parvati’s father, Parvata Raj, with a marriage proposal for Parvati from Lord Vishnu. Parvata Raj was very happy with the proposal and gladly accepted it. When Parvati heard about this proposal, she started weeping. Her friends then advised and abducted her so that her marriage to Lord Vishnu can be stopped.

On the third day of the bright half of Bhadrapad, Goddess Parvati made a Shiva lingam out of her hair and prayed. Lord Shiva was so impressed that he gave his word to marry Goddess Parvati. Eventually, Goddess Parvati was united with Lord Shiva and was married to him with her father’s blessing. Since then, the day is referred to as haritalika teej as Goddess Parvati’s female (aalika)friend had to abduct (harit) her in order for the Goddess to achieve her goal of marrying Lord Shiva.

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