Parshurama sleeping in Karna's lap

Tragic facts about Karna from Mahabharata

Karna, the most virtuous warrior from Mahabharata was the eldest son of Kunti. He was born with blessings of Lord Surya before Kunti was wedded, so Kunti did not raised him. He, being the eldest and most deserving, had to live his life in obscurity. The only fault was his timing of birth, where he had no control over. Read some of the fate's cruelty imparted to him.
Exploits of Lord Krishna

Exploits of Lord Krishna

Shri Krishna is most famous and perhaps the most written about among the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. His stories are magical, inspiring and humane. He alone accounted for Pandava's victory in Mahabharata war. Please read on for some interesting and unknown facts about him.

Seven occasions when Lord Krishna saved Pandavas

Sage Durvasa, Duryodhana, Jarasandha, all have threatened Pandavas. Lord Krishna helped them every time when Pandavas needed his help. Read these incidents here:
Tirupati Balaji

Tirupati Balaji facts

Tirupati is a place  Lord Vishnu chose as an alternative to Vaikunth his celestial home. Tirumala temple stands on a hill range comprising seven peaks, representing…