Chintamani – Ashtavinayak – Lord Ganesha

Chintamani Lord Ganesha
Chintamani Lord Ganesha


Chintamani is a form of Lord Ganesha. He is worshipped for unity, prosperity, learning and removing obstacles. Ashtavinayak is eight forms of Ganesha. All the eight temples of Ganesha are located in Maharashtra. All the idols of Ashtavinayak are self originated (swayambhu).

Chintamani Temple of Theur is a Hindu temple located 22 km from Pune, off the Pune Solapur highway. The village of Theur is situated at the confluence of three major regional rivers Mula,Mutha and Bhima. Chintamani Temple is one among eight temple of Ashtavinayak. People visit this temple after visiting Varad Vinayak temple.

Chintamani Lord Ganesha
Chintamani Lord Ganesha


Temple and Idol 

Main temple is north facing but the statue of Ganesha is east facing. The trunk of the idol is turned towards left with jewels studded in eyes. There is hardly any features visible, it is smeared with vermilion (sindur). The idol is interpreted to be sitting in crossed leg position.


The temple had a wooden assembly hall (sabha mandapa). Hall has a black stone water fountain. This temple has a separate section for meditation.




King Abhijit had a son named Ganasura. He was very strong but very greedy and hot headed warrior king. He pleased Lord Shiva with his worship. Shiva granted the kingship of the three world heaven, earth and underworld and also granted him a boon that nobody can defeat him.

Once Ganasura went to the ashram of sage Kapila, who owned a wish granting jewel Chintamani.

Sage Kapila served the prince and his army with delicious food created with the help of jewel. Greedy prince desire to acquire the jewel. When sage refuse to grant him the jewel Ganasura seized the jewel fro the sage.

Sage Kapila was a great devotee of Ganesha so he prayed him. Ganesha was pleased with the devotion and he brought the gem back. But sage refused to take it back instead he put that on Lord Ganesha’s neck. Thus the deity here is known as Chintamani Vinayak. This happened under a kadamb tree therefore Theur is also known as Kadambanagar.

Another Legend


Another legend says that name Theur originated from sanskrit word ‘Sthavar’, which means stable. It is believed that once Lord Brahma has meditated here so his restless mind became sthavar or stable because of blessing of Lord Ganesha. Since Ganesha helped Brahma to get rid of his chinta’s or worries, hence he is known as Chintamani.

There is one more interesting legend which says that Lord Indra has worshipped Ganesha under Kadamba tree to get rid off sage Gautama’s curse hence, the place is known as Kadamba Nagar.

In Ashvinayak Yatra, people visit this temple after visiting Varad Vinayak. After this people visit Girijatmaj.


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