Vighneshwar Temple – Ashtavinayak – Lord Ganesha

Vighneshwar Temple at Ozar is one of the ashtavinayak Temple of Lord Ganesha. This Ganesha temple is located at Ozar which is 85 kms from Pune situated at Pune Nasik highway on the banks of river Kukadi. This temple is 7th temple to be visited into Ashtavinayak yatra.


According to Puran, there was a king named Abhinandan, who performed a sacrifice in which he did not give any offering to God King Indra. The infuriated Indra ordered Kala to destroy the sacrifice . Kala take the form of  the demon Vighnasura and created obstacles and ruined it. He went  a step further and destroyed all vedic religious acts to answer the people’s prayer for protection, which created havoc in universe.


Sages worshipped Lord Ganesha to save them from Vighnasura. After a fierce battle, Vighnasura realised that it was impossible to win so he surrendered. Demon then begged and pleaded with Lord Ganesha to show mercy. Ganesha granted his plea on a condition that he will not go to place where Ganesha worshipping is going on . In return he asked for a favour that his name should be taken before Ganesha’s name. Thus Ganesha here is known as Vighnahara or vighneshwar Vinayak.

Vighneshwar - Ashtavinayak
Vighneshwar – Ashtavinayak


About Temple and Idol

The temple  faces east and is surrounded by thick stone wall. The main hall is 20 feet long having entrance to north and south.too and has image of Ganesha. The inner hall is 10 feet long and has white marble mushika. The shikhar over the sanctum is covered with gold foil.

This is the only temple which has a golden dome with pinnacle.



The idol like all other ashtavinayak idols is self originated. The statue is east facing with trunk turned towards left, with rubies are studded in eyes , diamonds on forehead and some jewels in naval. Like all other idols of Ashtavinayak here also the idol is smeared with vermillion. Ganesha statue is surrounded with monkeys and parrots on trees. Idols of Riddhi and Siddhi are placed on two sides of Ganesha idol.

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