Varada Vinayak Temple

Varada Vinayak – Ashtavinayak temple of Lord Ganesha

Varada Vinayak

Varada Vinayak temple is one among the Ashtavinayak temple, located in Madh village of Raigad district, Maharashtra. People visit this temple after visiting Balleshwar temple, and then proceed to the next temple which is Chintamani Temple, in Pune.

The Ganesha idol of the temple is self originated (swayambhu). The idol is facing east with its trunk turned to left. This temple also has idols of mushika, Navagraha devatas and Shivalinga. Temple also has four gates and idol of elephant is on each gate.

Varada Vinayak Temple
Varada Vinayak Temple

There is a lamp Nandadeep is said to be burning continuously since 1892. In this temple devotee can enter the Garbhagriha and pay their homage and respect to the idol personally.

Legend :

Bhima, king of Kaudamyapur was childless. He along with his wife met sage Vishwamitra. Sage gave them a mantra to chant. King was blessed with a son, they named him Rukmaganda. He grew into a handsome prince.  

Once he was hunting in a forest and reached a ashram of rishi Vachaknavi. When Rishi’s wife Mukunda saw Rukmaganda she fell in love with him and asked him to fulfill her desire. Rukmaganda refused to do so and left the ashram. Mukunda became lovesick. Lord Indra saw her plight so he took the form of Rukmaganda and made love to her. Mukunda became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Gritsamada.

When Gritsamada learned about the circumstances of his birth he cursed his mother to become unattractive thorny berry bearing ‘Bhor’ plant. Mukunda also cursed him that a cruel demon will be born from him. Suddenly, they both heard a heavenly  voice that Gritsamada was son of Lord Indra. Both were shocked after hearing this but, it was too late their curses could not be altered. Mukunda was transformed into Bhor plant and ashamed Gritsamada  went to forest to prayed Lord Ganesha for a reprieve.

Lord Ganesha was pleased by his penance and offered him a boon that he will have a son who would not be defeated by anybody except Lord Shiva. Gritsamada also requested Ganesha to bless the forest and stay there permanently. Gritsamada built a temple there.

Ganesha idol is called Varada Vinayak, forest is known as Bhadraka.

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