Seven people responsible for Karna death

People behind death of Danveer Karna

Following seven incidents were the reason for demise of Karna. Though we remember him as Danveer Karna, but if we see the following incidents, we would realize that perhaps this was the reason of his not getting his due in Indian history.
1. Parshurama’s curse – Parshurama has cursed him so that he would not use the brahmastra weapon when he would need it most. So Karna would not be able to use this weapon at the most critical time. How would he expect to win the battle against Arjuna with this curse?
2. Brahmin’s curse – A Brahmin has cursed him that his wheels of chariot will be stuck in the ground. During Mahabharat war, when fighting with Arjuna, this thing happened. This caused him to step down from his chariot. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar has summarised this well in Rashmirathi.
“Jara si keech mein syandan phansa hai”

Above line and lines followed aptly describes the frustration. How a small mass of soft earth has held Karna’s chariot.

3. Indra’s manipulation – Confident of Karna’s charitable character, Indra approached him in the guise of a brahmin and asked for alms. Karna agreed to give him whatever he wanted. Indra asked for Kavach and Kundal to which Danveer Karna obliged. Ashamed of his activity Indra awarded him with Shakti. This weapon had the power to complete its task. The only caveat was that this could be used only once. Karna saved this for Arjuna. But Ghatotkacha, Bhima’s son, was creating havoc on Kaurava’s army. Upon the insistence of Duryodhana, karna has to use Shakti, thus saving Arjuna’s life.
4. Karna’s promise to Kunti – Kunti told Karna about his birth story before the Mahabharat war. She wanted him to fight the Mahabharat from Pandava’s side. Karna was the true friend of Duryodhana. He denied this request. Instead he gave a promise to Kunti. If there would be situation where I am able to kill any of the Pandavas, I would not do so except for Arjuna. In this way, Kunti will always have five sons.
Karna and Kunti
Karna and Kunti
5. Shalya’s reluctance towards Karna – Shalya, the charioteer of Karna never wanted to be on kaurava’s side. He never supported Karna during the Mahabharat war. Imagine this, how it is difficult when your navigator is not your side. On the other side, Shri Krishna was there to guide Arjuna.
6. Shri Krishna asking Karna for his righteousness : All over his life, Karna was the person, who was rightful. Despite all of the above reasons, Arjuna was not able to defeat him. Shri Krishna explained the reason to him. Goddess of rigtheousness was protecting Karna. How to defeat him because weapons were turning into garlands. Shri Krishna went to him as a Brahmin and asked Karna to gift his rigtheousness. Karna again, readily agreed and obliged Arjuna charioteer. Pleased of this, Krishna shown him his vishwaroopa. Shri Krishna also granted him a boon. Because of this, he was cremated on Shri Krishna’s hand.
7. Arjuna killing when he was not on the chariot: On advise of Shri Krishna, against the rules of the war, Arjuna beheaded Karna with the weapon anjalika. This  happened when Karna was trying to take out the wheel of the chariot from the ground. This is how, the great archer, the great danveer, met his death.
Perhaps destiny has to do more here rather than the capability. unfortunately he was fighting the war from the wrong side. Nevertheless he has got the everlasting fame.

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  1. Though these are the facts that led to Karna’s demise in the battle but somehow I think his death was his own choice to some extent. He knew well beforehand that Indra would be approaching him in disguise of a Brahmin, he was warned so by his father Surya. He knew promising the life of the rest of the Pandavas to Kunti would harm the prospects of his friend Duryodhana. But he chose glory and fame over life by assenting to these situations. So, Karna got what he wanted- Fame of being the charitable one rather than being the victorious one.

    • I could not agree more. I think rather than choosing fame, he lived and died by his own principles. I may dare to say that fame is a byproduct of the values he lived by. But to come to think of this, even behaviour of gods was an act of selfishness (read Indra).

  2. another point to mention is that karna assured kunti that he would not use nagasthra upon arjuna for more than once. The first time, Krishna protected arjuna. This was another big blow to karna.

  3. I am a great fan of Karna. If I want to be like some one I would like to be like Karna.
    Being Intelligent,Powerful,dynamic,leader, excellent skills of a warrior,more over having blood of Kshatriya, he was feeling depressed,inferior,abandoned,helpless because Karna was not acceptable by rulers to become king and his skills were not utilised. Obviously any person possessing these many skills could not lead a simple life.
    In his frustation he just required a true friend who could understand him.Duryodhana extended his friendship due to which Karna got everything what he desired.It is true on Karnas part to be 100% loyal to a true friend.
    Thats what is Dharma.

  4. Madhu sathe

    karna died for his.principals.Once he decide that who so ever demands anything whatever it may be he will give the thing to the yachak.He was of the principal that “atithi devo bhava”

  5. Karna was nvr on wrong side….he was with d prsn who stood by him whn no1 else was…..thts wht called gratitude nd friendship
    And a real dharmik is 1 whos selfless nd nvr forget who made him wht today…kudos karna….ur indeed d most righteous nd greatest of all d times

  6. KARNA was not on the wrong side.He was loyal to his friend who offered good friendship when all the people are insulting him of his low-birth…………….

  7. Absolutely right….Karna is the role model…Arjun wouldn’t have won the battle without Lord Krishna’s guidance. Moreover Karna did everything by his own. He’s the only person who wasn’t liked by many but saluted by all(including Krishna n Bhishma pitamah). Its karna’s greatness n kindness that has made people of all genres to be his fan…

  8. I think karana was a great warrior because nobody get the title of maharathi he challenge arjun 2 times for battle but Krishna say it’s not right time to fight with karna . Krishna kills eklavya, he kills barbari also because his friend get the glory of Mahabharata karna was great that’s why today also people’s respect them . friendship is larger than all relationship


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