Mahakal shringar on Makar Sankranti

Lord Mahakal at Ujjain is decorated daily. The Lord looks so beautiful that it is hard to express him in words. Have a look at him.

mahakal on sankranti 2017

Do you know that Lord Hanuman is an avatar of Lord Shiva

It is believed that Lord Hanuman is the eleventh reincarnation of the Lord. Also, Hanuman is often recalled as Rudra avatar, or the reincarnation of Rudra and Shiva is also known as the Rudra. The vanars or the ancestors of humans had helped Lord Rama (reincarnation of Lord Vishnu) in the mythology of Ramayana. Without their support, Ravana could not have been destroyed. Hanuman is, by people, often worshipped for his devotion to Lord Rama and his part in the “good over evil.” It is also depicted as the utter and infinite devotion of Lord Shiva to Lord Vishnu, as he reincarnated as a monkey and served him with all he had.


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