Beauty of nature

Nothing is beautiful than nature. Animals, birds or flowers they don’t need any thing to enhance their beauty. They don’t need any costume designer, nor any cosmetics this is called natural beauty. Such is their beauty that they can’t be ignored. No matter, whatever your state of mind is, you are bound to appreciate the beauty provided to us by nature in form of birds, animals, insects and plants. Nature stimulated the creativity of artist and fashion industry.
I don’t have any words to say about the beauty of butterfly. But one thing I feel very sad about them is their short life span, many live just for a month.
One thing which surprises me about birds is that they don’t have hands, still are wonderful architects. Some birds are very good singers.
The best gift God has given, colours and fragrance can energize everyone.
Nature is amazing, the world which is hidden i.e, under water world is also so beautiful, wish to stay there……..
Nature has given a wonderful gift to animals, their beautiful exterior…..Fashion industry is also inspired by these creatures which we can see that they are always is trend. Its sad that these animals have to lose their life because of the beauty.

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