The festival of Makar sankranti

First major festival of the year 14th January is very auspicious from Hindu religion point of view. On this day, sun transits into capricorn(makar) rashi. Makar Sankranti thus means – transition to capricorn. On this day, new things are started and believed that new endeavours will be successful. This day is one of the harvest […]

The festival of Lohri (The bonfire festival)

Lohri – The Bonfire festival of India Lohri is the time when harvesting is celebrated. It is the Indian festival of bonfire, other being Holi. Lohri is celebrated on winter solstice and it coincides with the festival of Makar Sankranti. This is an important festival of Punjabi’s. According to the Hindu calendar, Lohri falls in […]

The guru of curse – Sage Durvasa (1)

Sage Durvasa – famous for curses Durvasa is famous for his anger and his curses are mentioned frequently in ancient texts. Following are the few incidents  related with this trigger happy sage. The meaning of Durvasa is someone who is difficult to live with. Curse on Indra His most famous curse is on Indra, which led to […]

Barbarika surprises Sri Krishna

Barbarika and his three arrows When Shri Krishna mocked Barbari that how he is hoping to win the Mahabharat war with three arrows? (Read the story of Barbari) He responded that a single arrow was enough to destroy all his opponents in the war, and it would then return to his quiver. He further explained that, […]

New year – across the world

Happy new year to everyone!!! Every year, new year is celebrated across the globe. There are different ways to celebrate the beginning. In following paragraphs, we will find that how this is celebrated across different regions and countries. New year all over the world Christians all over the world celebrate this day on first january, […]