Unknown Facts from Mahabharata

One warrior from Shri Krishna’s army did not fight alongside Duryodhana, contrary to the arrangement

This is a well known fact that Shri Krishna promised his army to Duryodhana, and he said that he will accompany Pandavas in the war, yet there was one person from his army, who helped Pandavas. He was Satyaki and he was like a disciple to Arjuna. He has helped Pandavas greatly when Drona was trying to capture Yudhishthira with the formation of chakravyuha.  Satyaki was rescued by Arjuna when Bhurisharava was trying to kill him and eventually Satyaki killed Bhurishravas. This happened on the fourteenth day of Mahabharata war.

Satyaki defeated Drona

Satyaki even engaged in a long fight with Drona, in which he breaks Drona’s bowstring 101 times successively. Drona gets so frustrated by Satyaki, that he even uses divine weapons, which Satyaki counters using his knowledge of divine weapons from his education under Arjuna.

Another fact about Satyaki

When Shri Krishna went to Duryodhana for one final attempt to maintain peace, Satyaki accompanied him. It was then when Duryodhana ordered him to be imprisoned, Satyaki draws his sword to fight. But Shri Krishna holds him back.

Krishna and Satyaki
Krishna and Satyaki


Death of Satyaki

Satyaki dies when the curse of Gandhari came to its fulfillment. Satyaki in anger said that he would kill Kritavarma for slaying the warriors of the Pandava army while they were asleep. Having said this he rushed towards Kritavarma and severed his head with a sword. He then started killing the warriors who were on Kritavarma’s side. Krishna then ran to stop Satyaki.

The Bhojas and the Andhakas incensed at Satyaki surrounded him. Krishna knowing the character of the hour stood there unmoved. The Bhojas and Andhakas started striking Satyaki with the pots in which they had been eating.

Bhagdatta and his eyelids

There is an interesting story of Bhagdatta’s eyelids. Bhagdatta was a fierce warrior who fought from the side of Duryodhana. He used Vaishnavastra on Arjuna, but as Lord Krishna was there, it fell upon him as a garland. Shri Krishna then advised Arjuna to first cut the support to his eyelids, as Bhagdatta was old and his eyelids were blocking the vision. He used to tie them up so that he could see properly. Duly, Arjuna cut the ropes holding his eyelids. This made him virtually blind, and then Arjuna killed him.

Arjuna kills Bhagaddatta
Arjuna kills Bhagaddatta

Bhima was captured by a python – Nahusha

There were few times in Mahabharata, when even Bhima was helpless. One was a great lesson of humbleness with Lord Hanumana. Another is presented here. What happened that there was a king named Nahusha, who became the gods of devtas. He became arrogant and wanted to marry Shachi. Shachi convinced him to come in palanquin, which should be shouldered by great sages. Nahusha did the same and even went one step further by kicking Sage Agastya. By doing this, he lost all his virtue and also became a python by the curse of Sage Agastya. But he was told that when Yudhishthira explained him the virtues of good king, he will become a man again.

Nahusha's downfall
Nahusha’s downfall

When Lord Krishna moved calendar

Sahadeva, the youngest Pandava was a great astrologer. Once, on the request of Duryodhana, he advises Duryodan the most auspecious time for stating the war will be the amavasya day. Lord Krishna overheard this and plans to do what next. Krishna performs amaysya tarpan one day earlier to the scheduled data and seeing Krishna performing tarpan one day earlier everybody starts doing the same. Seeing this,  moon god and sun god  comes down and ask Krisna why he is performing tarpan one day earlier .To this, Lord asked when does Amavasya happen? It is not when sun and moon face each other? They replied yes. Then Lord said that then today is amavasya since both you are facing each other. Unfortunately Duryodana also performs tarpan on a day prior to real amavasya and brings his downfall.

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