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Greatest Hindi movies which embraced Silver Screen

Hindi cinema is celebrating 100 years in 2013. Over the period of a century, hindi movies has witnessed great actors, directors and of course, movies. Following are the ones which have left an indelible mark on the silver screen. In quest of the greatest hindi movie, there are few candidates. Please give us your take as well.

 Mughal-e-Azam – The one which was made by K Asif. Perhaps the most intriguing tale of its time. Prithiraj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar immortalized Akbar and Salim. Madhubala played
Mughal e Azam

Anarkali. Recently this movie has been rereleased in colour.

Waqt – Sunil Dutt, Rajkumar, Balraj Sahni and Shashi Kapoor were the principal characters of this movie. Rajkumar’s landmark dialogue – “Jaani, yeh chaku hai, lag jaaye to khoon nikal jaata hai” was in this movie. This movie broken all the earning records when it was released. B R Chopra directed this movie. He later directed the famous serial Mahabharat.
Waqt – Hindi Movie
Mother India – This movie was ahead of its times. Nargis was the central character of this hindi movie. Sunil Dutt played the baddie who was her son. Nargis kills Sunil Dutt for his wrong doings. Truly a remarkable film.
Mother India
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge – Aditya Chopra’s directorial venture which set the trend for love stories again in 1990s. Before that, revenge and action were the primary themes of hindi movies, but this movie, made Shahrukhh Khan a romantic hero. Typically in line with Yashraj films, this movie was also shot in foreign locations partially, London and Switzerland. Senorita.
Deewar – Again a Yashraj classic. Yash Chopra fossilized Amitabh Bachchan in hindi movies as Vijay. Dabur sahab, main aaj bhee phenke hue paise nahi uthata became a rage. But no one thought that a four simple words will have that kind of impact which were made by Mere paas maa hai.
Deewar – Yash Chopra
Sholay – No matter wherever, whenever you watch this movie, you will not feel bored for a moment. Every character, every scene had an impact. Gabbar Singh, Thakur, Rahim Kaka, Salim Miyan, Basanti, Veeru and Jai, they are part of folklore. Really “kitne aadmi the”.
Gabbar Singh with Kaalia
I may have missed some of the names, you can contribute here by providing your opinion through the comment form.
Hindi Movies

Hand painted posters of hindi movies – Sholay and Mughal e Azam

Hand made posters of Mughal-e-Azam and Sholay (Hindi Movies)

Those who have started seeing movies couple of decades ago or before, will surely relate to the film posters, which were painted by artists. In the hindi movie Mera Naam joker, Raj Kapoor’s heroine played Meenu Master, whose earnings came from painting hoardings. Here are some of them which will surely evoke memories of hindi movies.

Sholay poster

The scene where Veeru is avenging his friend’s death. He was stopped by Thakur.

some more posters from Sholay – again the actors are not recognizable.

Can you identify the actors apart from Amjad Khan? I cannot.

This one is more close to reality. A good piece of art.

Strangely, Jaya bhaduri is available on this poster, a rarity.

another one far from reality

Last but not the least, there is a restaurant in hyderabad made in the name of Sholay.

Sholay restaurant in hyderabad – The famous song yeh dosti is drawn. It is said that it took in excess of 20 days to shoot this song.

Posters of Mughal-e-Azam

K Asif made the one of all time great hindi movie Mughal e Azam. This story revolved around Prithiraj Chauhan, Madhubala and Dilip Kumar. Lot of still remember the dialogues of this movie. The movie started with Main Hindustan hoon.

K Asif’s epic. Can you identify the actors straightaway?
These expressions were never witnessed in the original film. Thanks to the imagination of the artist, we are seeing the raudra roopa of Salim and Anarkali.



Dilip Kumar and Madhubala immortalized love on celluloid


similar image. I doubt if this shot was available in the film


Conflict of father and son – was royally put on the screen.


The hero looks more like Amjad Khan. Madhubala and Prithvi looked OK though.

hope above pics have evoked good memories.

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Mahabharat and Sholay – A resemblance

Mahabharat and Sholay (Hindi movie)

There is atleast one instance, although not significant in whole scheme of things, where Mahabharat (the epic) and Sholay (hindi movie) have similarity. I am discussing the incident when Gabbar Singh killed Salim and asked the villagers to give Jai and Veeru to them.  After a bit of discussion, a decision was taken when Rahim chacha pointed that when he is not turning his back on Jai (Amitabh Bacchan) and Veeru (Dharmendra) even when he has lost his young son.

Jai and Veeru are delivered to Gabbar Singh, at a place specified beforehand. When the robbers of Gabbar Singh’s gang pick them up, they find a note attached on the back of Veeru and Jai. It says – “Gabbar Singh. agar tum ek maroge, hum chaar maarenge”. Though this line is not as famous as other dialogues, but has the intensity. When dacoits turned the bodies of Jai and Veeru, they started firing and killed all dacoits, except one, to tell the happenings to Gabbar.

Jai and Veeru in Sholay – great hindi movie

I find this piece interesting as there is a similar story in the epic Mahabharat. in Ek chakra Nagri, Vakasur used to demand large amounts of grain. He also demanded a person should be sent to him daily to satiate his hunger. When Pandavas were travelling, they reached this place and found the happenings. They decided to do something about this and surely, Bheema was sent with the cart which was sent to Vakasur daily. Soon enough, Vakasur came out and killed by Bheema.

Bheema waiting for Bakasura


Bheema killing Bakasura


The last scene of this hindi movie Sholay is also important, where Jai dies. This scene can also be compared with the death of Abhimanyu, who died fighting with kauravas, when Arjuna was away. This is similar again as Arjuna was also away and Abhimanyu stepped in time to save the day for pandavas.

Sholay and Mahabharata – similarities

To take this further, parallels can be drawn between Thakur and Shri Krishna also. They did not fight the war themselves, but the war could not have won in absence of them. Their proteges, Pandavas and Jai-Veeru took care of the enemies. And lastly, their stance signified one thing, victory of good over evil.

Hindi Movies

Kitne aadmi the? famous dialogues from Hindi movies

Famous dialogues from Hindi Movies

You may wonder why a blog on indian mythology would have this kind of article. Well, you are right but the temptation is too much for me. Forgive me for thinking that a person who likes mahabharat will also like hindi movies and following post will become interesting for him as well. If you are still with me, then I have struck a note with you. Happy reading!!!

Kitne aadmi the
A still from Sholay

There are few dialogues, which always ring some bells, but there ones, who have defined a whole career of an actor and Gabbar Singh has been defined by the lines “Kitne aadmi the?”. This dialogue from a movie released almost 35 years ago, still fresh in memories. Another famous dialouges from the same film are  “Tera kya hoga Kaalia” and “Bahut yaarana lagta hai”.

Lets go through some more of  them to see if they evoke some memories? “Mogambo khush hua” . This should be easy. The movie was first in india made on science fiction and first hit by Anil Kapoor. Shekhar Kapoor directed this landmark film. Following lines will not so easy to guess, but the author likes them so mentioning here. They may prove to be difficult to guess.

Mughal e Azam by K Asif – Hindi Movies

Yeh dhandha hai to beimaani ka, lekin hum karte imaandari ke saath hain.

This dialogue was said by Nana Patekar in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s movie.

Jahe naseeb, kaanton ko murjhaane ka khauf nahi hota.

Above is an old classic from hindi movies which had actors Madhubala and Dilip Kumar.

Dong kabhi wrong nahin hota.

Amrish Puri said above words.

Parina – Hindi movies


Topi sambhalo Dinkarrao, hawa tej chalta hai.

Agle hafte ek aur majdoor hafta dene se inkaar karne waala hai, Rahim chacha!

Above two films have acquired cult status in hindi movies. Following lines have been taken from a Amitabh Bachchan classic whose remake has been made recently.

Aaj 6 baje apun ka maut ke saath appointment hai.

Jab dushman apni chaal kahatam kar le, tab main apni chaal shuru karta hoon.

Amitabh Bachchan in Hindi movies – Agneepath

Following dialogues from Hindi movies should be again easy to identify with.

Yeh Dhai kilo ka haath jab padta hai to aadmi uthta nahin, uth jaata hai.

Don ka peecha to gyarah mulkon ki police kar rahi hai………..

Holi kab hai. Again by Amjad Khan.

Yeh haath nahin , phaansi ka phanda hain?

Shakaal kya nahi kar sakta.

Pistol jail mein aa chuka hai.

Above lines are taken from Sholay, Shaan and Damini.

Following are recent favourites:

Thappad se dar nahin lagta babujee, pyar se lagta hai. and I like the following as well:

Mujh par ek ehsaan karna, ki mujh pe koi ehsaan na karna.

Hindi movies have given us few unforgettable lines over the years and fans definitely identify with these. I forgot one another which is hilarious as well.

“Tumhara naam kya hai Basanti?”

Gabbar Singh with Kaalia

But perhaps the most defining and effective dialogue was told in the hindi movie, Deewar.

“Mere paas Maa hai”

Deewar – Amitabh and Shashi’s landmark film

This article is one of the most read articles of this blog. Overwhelmed, the author is adding few more golden nuggets. I have deliberately not mentioned the name of the movie, may be you can exercise your memory.

1. Mogambo Khush hua

2. Dong kabhi wrong nahi hota.

3. Jani ye chaku hai, lag jaaye to khoon nikal jaata hai.

4. Hamare desh mein kaam dhoondna bhi ek kaam hai

Mere baap ne do shadiyan ki hai, do … ek meri maa ke saath … aur ek apni naukri ke saath

5 Nasik ho yah Bambai … ladkiyan ladkiyan hoti hai, patane ka tarika aana chahiye … pyar kiya nahin jaata, karvaya jaata hai

6 Agar main tere liye mar sakta hoon, toh tujhe maar bhi sakta hoon

7 Yeh tum janti ho ki yeh revolver khali hai … main janta hoon ki yeh revolver khali hai … lekin police nahin janti ki yeh revolver khali hai

8 Giraftaar hone ki aadat mujhe bilkul nahi hai

9 Mujhe do tarah ki ladkiyan pasand nahi aati … ek woh joh mere pass aane mein bahut derr lagaye … aur ek woh joh bahut jaldi aa jaye