Maa Shailputri

The first form of mother Durga among the nine is Shailputri. She has a half moon in her forehead; she is mounted on the bullock and holds a lance in her hand. She is known as Shailputri, because she has incarnated from Himalaya, the Emperor of mountains. Mounting a bullock the mother has a lance in… Continue reading Maa Shailputri

Bhishma and Parshurama – Two great warriors

The battle between Bhishma and Parshurama Amba’s abduction Bhishma (son of Shantanu and Ganga) was a great archer and a warrior. He is known for his vow of celibacy and skills in the Mahabharata. He had the task of  finding a bride for his half-brother,  Vichitravirya.  He abducted princesses Amba, Ambika and Ambalika of Kashi… Continue reading Bhishma and Parshurama – Two great warriors

Udupi connection to Mahabharata

There is an interesting story related to Udupi which dates back to Mahabharata. It also explains why people of Udupi are good in catering business.

श्री कृष्ण और गोवर्धन पर्वत

देवराज इंद्र ब्रज के लोगों से बहुत क्रोधित हुए क्योंकि लोग भगवान कृष्ण की बातों को सुनकर गोवर्धन पर्वत की पूजा कर रहे थे और इंद्र देव की पूजा नहीं कर रहे थे। देवराज इंद्र ने क्रोधित होकर उन्हें दंडित करने के लिए घनघोर वर्षा करने के लिए बादलों को भेजा जिसके कारण पूरे वृंदावन में बाढ़… Continue reading श्री कृष्ण और गोवर्धन पर्वत

Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is a very important festival for both Hindu and Jain. This is also known as Ati or Akha Teej. The day is auspicious for new venture, marriage, investment in gold or property or any new beginning.

Lord Hanuman – Balaji – Manokamna Mandir – Kaushambi – Ghaziabad

There is an important temple of Lord Balaji (Lord Hanuman) in Kaushambi, Ghaziabad. This temple was established in 1981 and currently attracts lot of Bhaktas here. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanumana, but houses other Devi Devtas as well. Lord Vishnu, Devi Lakshmi, Rama and Lakshman, Lord Shiva, Navgrah and Sai Baba, all are… Continue reading Lord Hanuman – Balaji – Manokamna Mandir – Kaushambi – Ghaziabad