Gaja Lakshmi – A form of Ashta Lakshmi

In Hindu religion and mythology, Goddess Lakshmi has great importance. She has eight forms and called Ashta Lakshmi. Lakshmi,the hindu goddess of beauty, wealth and fertility has eight iconic manifestations. Know about Gaja Lakshmi here which symbolizes prosperity.

Gaja Lakshmi

Gaja Lakshmi or Elephant Lakshmi is the giver of power and royal splendor.  It is believed that Gaja-Lakshmi helped Lord Indra regain his lost wealth from the depth of the ocean. She  is the bestower and protector of wealth, prosperity, grace, abundance and royalty. She emerged during churning of ocean along with elephants. Elephants  sprayed water on her like the ritual of consecration or ‘abhishek’. This act depicted the divine acknowledgement of Lakshmi’s powers and capacity to make the world rich and vibrant.

Gaja Lakshmi - The provider of wealth and prosperity
Gaja Lakshmi – The provider of wealth and prosperity

In this form Mother is  depicted seated on a lotus, flanked on both side by an elephant (gaja). She is shown as seated in padmasanayogic posture, and has four arms. In each of her upper pair of arms, she carries a lotus, and the lower hands are generally shown in abhay and varada mudra.

Importance of Gaja Lakshmi

Lakshmi’s association with elephants symbolize her royal or sovereign powers. Elephants are liked by Goddess Lakshmi since they have a royal, graceful presence and immense strength. They do not harbor enmity with other animals in the jungle and always have access to abundant food. Their sheer size keeps any potential enemies at bay. They walk with pomp,grandeur, and are naturally beautiful.

The King of Gods ‘Indra’ rides his royal and divine elephant ‘Airavata’. Indra is also the rain bearing God and his elephant symbolizes the rain bearing clouds. Together they nourish the crops on earth and depict fertility. Elephants are therefore, associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of beauty and fertility.

Gaja Lakshmi prayer song

Jaya, Jaya, Dhurgathi, Naashini, Kaamini Sarva Phalapradha, Shaastramaye, Rathagajathuraga Padhaathi Samaavrutha Parijanamanditha Lokamathe, Hariharabhrahma Supoojitha Sevitha Thaapanivaarini, Paadhayute, Jaya Jaya He, Madhusoodhana Kaamini Shri Gajalakshmi, Paalayamaam ||

Ashta Lakshmi

There are eight forms of goddess, which symbolizes various aspects of human behaviour and fortune. Remembering them removes all obstacles from ones path and guides a human being towards well being. These forms are:

1. Aadi – (The Primeval Goddess) or Maha Lakshmi (The Great Goddess)
2. Dhana or Aishwarya (The Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth)
3. Dhaanya (Goddess of Food grains)
4. Gaja (The Elephant Goddess)
5. Santana (The Goddess of Progeny)
6. Veera/ Dhairya (The Goddess of Valor and Courage)
7. Vidya(The Goddess of Knowledge)
8. Vijaya/ Jaya  (The Goddess of Victory)

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