Month: April 2012

Miniature painitng - Folk Art - Shri Krishna

What is Folk Art

Indian, Japanese and Chinese Folk Art Folk  art is any form of  art which is local to a particular geography, and may have slowly gained the stature of importance. A folk art is not limited to any particular discipline. for example, music, painting and even sports can take the form of a folk art. Weaving, …

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Mahabharat – names of 100 Kauravas

It was indeed tough for Dhritrashtra and Gandhari to name their hundred sons. Beside this, they had a daughter as well. Following are the names of them. Duryodhana Dussaasana Dussaha Dussalan Jalagandha Sama Saha Vindha Anuvindha Durdharsha Subaahu Dushpradharsha Durmarshana Durmukha Dushkarna Vikarna Sala Sathwan Sulochan Chithra Upachithra Chithraaksha Chaaruchithra Saraasana Durmada Durvigaaha Vivilsu Vikatinanda …

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