Tie and Dye

As the name suggest cotton or silk fabric is tied into sections and then dyed, these ties prevent the entire material from being dyed. For more intricate designs different sections are tied at every stage of  dyeing and variety of colours are used  thereafter, fabric opens into amazing designs dots, circles, square, waves and stripes.

Tie Dye Tapestry

Pic. Tapestry made with using Tie and Dye technique

Main colours used are yellow green red and black. Its process and patters has given it different names like bandhej and laheria. This art is very popular in Rajasthan, Gujarat and  Madhya Pradesh, where its a household craft which is supervised by head of the family. The fabric is skilfully knotted by the women, while the portfolio of dyeing rests with the men.


Pic: Bandhej

This technique is becoming very popular as not only fancy items, but day to day wearable clothes are also being made using this technique. See a T-Shirt below. Also, cushion covers and various apparels are made from Tie and Dye.



td 1 Pic. Another dress made from Tie and Dye technique.


Pic. – A pillow cover.

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  1. Tie and Dye technique looks perfect especially on summer clothes. I have to learn it, so I can make my own unique t-shirts and skirts.


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