The story of Shishupala

He was born with four hands and three eyes

Shishupala was born to king of Chedi. He was born with four hands and three eyes. His parents and relatives were scared of him and decided to cast him out. But they were warned by a invisible  voice from the heaven…O king, your son will be fortunate and superior in strength, don’t be scared of him indeed cherish him without anxiety.His extra hands and eye will disappear in the lap of the person who will kill him.

Shri Krishna takes him in his lap

So his parents called all the kings of the world to Chedi and put the child on each of their their laps to see which one would be the slayer. Finally Krishna and Balarama (who were children at the time) came, as they were nephews of the queen of Chedi. (The queen of Chedi was the sister of Krishna’s father Vasudeva). As soon as Krishna put Shishupala in his lap, Shishupala’s extra arms fell off and his third eye disappeared indicating Shishupala’s death was destined at the hands of Krishna.

Shri Krishna promises to spare him for hundred times

Seeing that Shri Krishna will be the one who will cause Shishupala’s death, his mother started weeping and asking Lord to not to kill her son. In the Mahabharata, Shishupala’s mother was given a vow by Krishna, her nephew, that he would pardon his cousin a hundred times and he will kill him when he exceeds the limit.

Shishupala was earlier Hiranyakashyap

Shishupala fought with Krishna many times, once when Krishna eloped with Rukmini who was betrothed to him, and defeated the combined armies of Shishupala and Rukmini’s brother Rukmi.

Sage Narada reminded Krishna that while he had previously (in the form of Narsingh avatar) killed Hiranyakashyap, the demon has been reborn as Shishupala and must be destroyed again.

End of Shishupala at Yagya of Yudhishthir

Once Yudhisthir, elder brother of Pandava was organised a famous Rajasuya yagya. Hee invited many kings and princes. Shishupal too was invited. When Shishupal saw Krishna there he began hurling abuses at Krishna. Krishna remained quit. Finally, when Shishupal uttered his hundredth abuse, Krishna turned to him, took his sudarshan chakra and flung it towards Shishupal. The chakra slashed Shishupala’s head and the crowed cheered.

Shishupala killing by Shri Krishna
Shishupala killing by Shri Krishna

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