Lord Krishna saves Arjuna from destruction of chariot

After the end of Mahabharata war, an interesting incident happened. Arjuna’s chariot was destroyed. Lord Agni gave this chariot to Arjuna out of gratitude. Lord Shri Krishna’s saved Arjuna from certain death.

Saving Arjuna from destruction of chariot

Arjuna and Krishna reach a deserted place

After the war, Lord Krishna realized that the mission of this chariot was accomplished, he took the chariot to a deserted place and asked the warrior Arjuna to get off the chariot.

Arjuna got off from the chariot

Initially Arjuna was not keen to leave the chariot because he thought that charioteer should first leave the chariot. Krishna insisted and Arjuna agreed. After Arjuna got off, he instructed Lord Hanumana, who was present on the flag to leave the chariot.

Arjuna and Krishna on chariot
Arjuna and Krishna on chariot

Chariot is destroyed

Finally Lord himself left the chariot. At this point of time, something unexpected happened. There was a loud noise and the whole chariot was destroyed as if it was struck by lightning.

Arjuna asks Lord

After few moments, Arjuna asks lord Krishna the reason behind the destruction of the chariot and significance of the incident.

Lord Krishna explains

Now this is very interesting, which gives an insight on Lord’s thinking. Not a single thing was missed from him. In the war of Mahabharat,  Maharathi Sage Dronacharya and Maharathi Karna  used a number of powerful weapons on Arjuna and his chariot. These  were  powerful weapons and there could be no escape from them for Arjuna and his chariot. He further explains that now they are showing their destructive capacity. This was because, Lord himself and Lord Hanumana were protecting the chariot.

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He also explained to  Arjuna that those celestial weapons used by Karna and Dronacharya were given to them by demigods and thus they had had to make the effect that they were used for. Making them null would be the insult of the demigods who bestowed them to Karna and Dronacharya. Hence, to make them make the desired effect it was necessary for them to consume the chariot of Arjuna which is  just now done.

Thus,Lord Krishna once again saved Arjuna from certain death.

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