Do you know the story of Kautsa? This is related to Vijaya Dashmi

Kautsa had to provide 14 crore gold coins to his guru.

It is said that after completion of his studies he insisted on his guru Varatantu to accept ‘gurudakshina’. After lots of request his Guru, finally asked for 14 crore gold coins, one crore for each of the 14 sciences he taught Kautsa. Kautsa then went to king Raghuraj, the ancestor of Rama who was known for his generosity but just at that time he had emptied all his coffers on the Brahmins, after performing the Vishvajit sacrifice. So, Raghuraj went to Lord Indra and asked for some gold coins. Indra in return asked Kuber, the god of wealth to make rainfall of gold coins on the “shanu” and “apati” trees round Raghuraja’s city of Ayodhya. In this manner Raghu was able to fulfill his promise to Kautsa. The remaining coins were lavishly dispersed to the people of Ayodhya city. As this event happened on the day of ‘Vijaya Dashmi’, it has become a custom of this day to collect “apati” leaves and exchange it as auspicious gifts.

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