Can you answer these questions on Mahabharata?

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Following are the few facts presented to you in form of questionnaire. You may reply using the facebook comment section or comment form available at the end of the article.

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1. Three people saw Shri Krishna in his Vishwaroopa form. Arjuna and Sanjay were two of them.  Name the third person?

2. Kurukshetra or Mahabharat war lasted for how many days?

3. How many brothers of Kaurava’s did Arjuna kill in Mahabharat war?

4. Who killed Ashwaththama in Mahabharat war?

abhimanyu mahabharat indian mythology death 300x228 Can you answer these questions on Mahabharata?

Abhimanyu fought valiantly

5. Abhimanyu was son of Arjuna and ___________.

6. Drona was the son of sage _____________.

7. Arjuna became eunuch for one year due to a curse from ____________.

8. What was the Yudhishthir name when he was in hiding for one year?

9. Kavach and Kundal made this warrior invincible until he was tricked by a god. Who was he?

10. Who was Ghatotkacha’s mother?

11. Pandava hid their weapons on a tree of _________ during their Agyatvaas.

12. What was Arjuna’s name during agyaatvaas?

13. Who was Draupadi’s brother?

14. He was the brother in law of Kauravas who became the cause of death of Arjuna’s son, Abhimanyu. Name him.

15. Karn’a son who survived the war of Mahabharata. Name him.

16. Parikshit, who succeeded Yudhishthira, was the son of Abhimanyu and ___________.

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  1. 9 kawach and kundal were taken away from karn by indra in guise of a brahman.karn knew that this brahman is actually indra who is deceiting him to protect arjun

  2. 7 arjun became eunach for one year due to curse of urvashi.
    8 yudhishthir was known as kank during exile in the kingdom of king virat

  3. 1. Barbarik
    2.18 Days
    3. None. Bhima Killed all the Kaurava’s.
    4. No Body. Futher he has been cursed by Shri Krishna to Live till the end of Earth with the pain of injury from where his Mani is taken out.
    5. Subhadra.
    6. Rishi Bhardwaj.
    7. Urvashi ( Apsara in the Kingdom of Indra)
    8. KANK.
    9. Karn
    10. Hidimba
    11. Baniyan Tree.

  4. The first one is Dhritarashtra. When lord Krishna came as a peace envoy to the court, she blinded everyone and granted the boon of eyesight to Dhritarashtra. Once having seen the Vishva-Virat Swarupa, Dhritarashtra declined the boon of eyesight as eyes that had once seen this should not be exposed to the miseries, treacheries, misfortune, sadness and evil in the world. By the way this comes from a thirteen year old girl.

  5. 1. Karna
    2. 18 days
    3. None
    4. No one…he was cursed by Shri Krishna
    5. Subhadra
    6. bhardwaj
    7. Urvashi
    8. Kanak
    9. Karna
    10. hidimba
    11. Shami vriksha
    12. Brihannala
    13. dhrishtadyumna
    14. Jayadratha
    15. Vrishakethu

  6. 1. Hanuman and Barbarik. Besides Arjuna, Sanjay, Barbarik Bajragbali Mahaveer Hanuman was able to see Shri Krishna in his Vishwaroop form. On the behest of Shri Krishna and as a blessing to Arjuna (After Hanuman shatters Arjuna’s pride of being the greatest archer to have ever lived when Arjuna questions Shri Ramchandra’s decision to build a setu (pool) of stones instead of arrows on the banks of Rameshwaram) Hanuman agreed to be seated on the top of Arjuna’s chariot and flag when Arjuna would go to war.

  7. 1.Arjuna,Sanjaya,Shri hanuman,Barbarik
    2.18 days
    3.99 one…….lord krishna cursed him to be alive……..
    11.sal vruksh

  8. 1. Dhritrashtra
    2.18 days
    3. As far as I know all Kaurava brothers were killed by Bhima. I don’t know if Arjuna killed any…
    4. Drona’s son Ashwatthama is still alive. But Ashwatthama the elephant was killed by Bhima
    5. Subhadra
    6. Bharadwaj
    7. Uruvashi the apasara
    8. Kanka
    9. Karna
    10. Hidimba
    11. Shami/ Shala
    12. Brihnnala
    13. Dhristadyumna
    14. Jayadratha
    15. Vrishaketu

  9. 1. They were not 3 instead 5 who witnessed Vishwaroop Arjun, Maharishi Ved Vyas (son of Rishi Parashar and Satyavati, he had special vision to see Mahabharata battle from distance) Vyas also gifted same vision to Sanjay who narrate entire Mahabharata to Dhritarashtra , Lord Hanuman and Ghatotkach's son Barbarik (who hailed as judge of Mahabharat) .
    2. 18 days
    3. None
    4. No one, if believe he is still alive
    5. Subhadra
    6. Rishi Bhardwaj
    7. Apsara Urvashi
    8. Kank
    9. Karna
    11.Sami Tree

  10. 1.barbarika
    3.0 one it is said that he is still alive due to a curse of shri krishna.
    14.sinduraj jayadrath

  11. Aap ka gyan a cha hair par 5 nahi 6 logo ne vishvaroop dekha hair 1 Arjun 2sanjay 3 hanuman 4 barbarik 5 bed vyas 6 mata yashoda