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Kamakhya Temple – Sati Shakti Peeth

Kamakhya Temple - Sati Shakti Peeth
Kamakhya Temple – Sati Shakti Peeth

Click here to read the full article on Kamakhya Temple – Sati Shakti Peeth.

 Akshardham Temple or Akhardham Mandir

Built by Swaminarayan trust in New Delhi
Beautiful carvings on display at Akshardham Temple

Swaminarayan Temple Akshardham, is the world’s biggest and the most beautiful creation I have ever seen. This is situated in Delhi, India. A fabulous temple which is built with a combination of marble stone, sand stone and wood. This temple is spread over ground covering 86,342 square feet. It is 356 feet long, 316 feet wide and 141 feet high. Read more


Navratri - Indian Mythology
Navaratri or Navratri – An important festival in indian/hindu mythology

Navratri is nine days of worship done to appease goddess Durga. The whole india celebrates this festival. The festival of Navratri is celebrated twice… Read more


Mahabharat is probably the best piece of fiction ever written….Read full article

Interesting little known facts from Mahabharat

In Indian mythology, we find mention of stories which are not only interesting, but also serve a message/ purpose. Mahabharat is one such epic, where we find these types of topics in abundance. Here are seven captivating stories from Indian Mythology. Read full article

 More little known facts from Mahabharat

Yudhishthira has never lied in life save for one incident. Read full article

Dashavatar – Incarnations of Vishnu

Dashavtar - Incarnations of lord Vishnu
Dashavtar – Incarnations of lord Vishnu (Dashavatar)

In Indian mythology, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiv) are symbols of creator, saviour and destroyer. Whenever there is a decline of religion and a rise of  irreligion.. Read full article

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