When Lord Hanumana tore his heart to show Lord Rama

Lord Rama stayed in Hanumana’s heart

Lord Hanumana devotion for Lord Rama is unparalleled. Here is the story of him when he tore his heart to show his closeness to Lord Rama.

One day six months after his coronation Rama called all the monkeys and his friends and said to them, “All of you are dearer to me than my life. But now return to your homes.” Rich gifts soaked in love were showered lavishly upon them and Rama saw them off with his blessings.

Lord Rama was very overwhelmed and embraced seeing Hanuman. Lord Ram said that he could never thank Hanuman for his noble efforts and endless services. Lord Ram Said Hanuman effort cannot be valued.

Then Mata Sita rewarded Hanuman with a precious necklace that she was wearing. Hanuman tore open the stones of the necklace and looked into each one of them, as if him finding something in them. Every one present in the court surprisingly asked him the reason for damaging such a valuable necklace. Hanuman answered that he was looking for his Lord Rama and Sita in these stones. And if he is unable to see his Lord in them, the necklace was worthless to him.

 Hanuman with Lord Rama
Hanuman with Lord Rama

Everybody in the court laughed and mocked Hanuman for exaggerating his love and devotion. They challenged him to show if Ram-Sita residing in him. Hanuman tore off his chest and shocked everyone presenting in the court by seeing Ram and Sita literally residing in his heart.

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