Weapon catalogue – Indian mythology (3)

Weapon catalogue from Indian mythology

In this article, details of Vaishnava astra, Gandharva astra, Manava, Maheshwar, Kuber weapons are given.

Name of the weapon

Effect and usage

Associated with

Vaishnava astra

destroys target completely, irrespective of target’s nature. Would Infallible. This weapon had to be obtained from Vishnu directly.

Vishnu, the Preserver


Used by Lord Rama against Ravana’s army. Also used by Abhimanyu in Mahabharat against kauravas.


Used by Lord Rama to kill Maricha.



Used by Laskhman against Meghnaad.


Has been used by Meghnaad against Lakshman and Shishupala against Shri Krishna.


Used by Meghnaad against Lakshman this caused his unconsciousness. Due to this weapon, Hanuman had to bring the whole mountain of sanjeevani booti. The physician who cured Lakshman was Sushena.


was the divine bow of Lord Shiva gifted to King Janaka by Sage Parashurama for safe-keeping while the sage performed penances. It was gifted to Parashurama by Shiva for being a great disciple.

Lord Shiva


Used by Arjuna in Mahabharat against Kauravas.


Rama passed on to Bharat. Three crores gandharvas were killed instantly by this.

Vishamitra taught Rama

Kuber astra

Shishupala and Shri Krishna used this during their battle in Mahabharat

Kuber, the god of wealth

Rudra astra

Used in the dual of Shishupal and Shri Krishna in mahabharat


Sudarshan Chakra

Sudarshana Chakra: The magical chakra, a spinning disc with sharp outer spears. The Sudarshan flies at the command of Vishnu, spinning away to tear off the heads of His opponents, or to perform any function desired by Vishnu. It was most famously used by His Avatar Krishna in the Mahabharata. Shri Krishna cut Shishupala’s head with this weapon.

Sudarshan chakra

Sudarshan chakra

Krishna, one of the Dashavtar’s of Vishnu.


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