Ten names of the great archer Arjuna

Arjuna, the third of five Pandavas, was a great archer of his time. He played an important role in the conflict of Mahabharata and defeated great warriors of his time. Lord Krishna was a great friend of Arjuna. His help was priceless for Pandavas in winning the war. Arjuna has taken an oath that He would destroy that person (and his kinsmen) who hurts his brother Yudhishthira and spills his blood on Earth. No one can defeat him. This article talks about various Arjuna names.

Arjuna the great archer from Mahabharata

His skill in archery was to have an unlikely utility; it won him the hand of Draupadi, his first wife, the daughter of Drupada. Drupada arranges a competition to choose a suitable match for his daughter. A wooden fish suspends high above a pool of water; furthermore, the fish rotated in a circle. Contestants were required to string a heavy bow and then use it to hit the eye of the rotating fish. The contestants need to take the aim by looking at the reflection in the pool of water.

Arjuna wins swayamvara of Draupadi

Many princes and noblemen vied for the hand of the princess of Panchala. Some (including Karna, another hero of the Mahābhārata) were disqualified on grounds of supposedly low birth. However, although the Pandavas and their mother were in hiding at that time, Arjuna had prudently dressed as a high-caste Brahmin and was allowed to compete. This was just as well, since it was eventually Arjuna, the peerless archer, who alone was able to accomplish the set task; he won the hand of Draupadi.

Arjuna names

He bears a total of ten names: Arjun, Phalgun, Jishnu, Keeriti, Shwetvaahan, Vibhatsu, Vijaya, Pārth, Savyasachinn (also referred as Sabyasachi), and Dhananjaya. Arjuna himself told about his ten names to Uttar when he was asked about proof of his identity.

He describes himself (Arjuna names)


He was given the name of Dhanajaya when I conquered all the kings at the time of Rājsooya Yajna and collected wealth from all of them.


He always fight till the end and always wins, that is why he is referred as Vijaya.


His horses which were given to him by Agni Dev are white, that is why he is called Shwetavāhana.


His father Indra gave him a beautiful crown when he was with him, that is why he is called Kiriti.


He has never fought by unfair means in any battle that is why he is called Jishnu.


He never frightens enemies by meanness, He can use my both hands when he shoot arrows, that is why he is called Savyashachee.


His complexion is unique like the Arjun tree, and his name is stainless, that is why he is called Arjun.


I was born on the slopes of Himvaan in a place called Satsring on a day when the Nakshatra Uttara Phalgunī was in ascent, that is why my name is Phalgun.


He is called Vibhatsu because He is terrible when he is angry.


His mother’s name is Prithaa, so he is also called Parth.

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