Seven supreme sacrifices from Indian mythology

Supreme sacrifices from Indian Mythology We come across unparalleled sacrifices in Indian mythology. Here are seven of them which are the most remarkable. The sacrifice of sage Dadhichi Sage Dadhichi has done the ultimate sacrifice of giving his life so that Devas finally got an upper hand over asuras. Because of his sacrifice, Indra got …

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King Yayati

The story of Yayati and Puru   Devayani and Sharmishtha Sukracharya, was respected by Asura king Vrishaparva greatly respected Sukracharya as he knew the secret of Mritasanjivani, a drug that brings the dead back to life. Devayani was Sukracharya’s only daughter and spoiled by her father’s indulgence. One morning, Sharmishtha, the princess of Asura’s and …

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