Sita was the daughter of Ravana

Strange, but there is substance to this story. We all know that Sita was daughter of King Janak, and we also know that she was found from the earth. She is given the status of Janak’s elder daughter. But other than this truth, there is another truth, which reveals that Sita was the real daughter of Lanka king Ravana. This is documented well in the Thai Ramayana.

Though, the Indian Ramayana suggests Sita to be the daughter of King Janak, but according to Thailand’s Ramayan ‘Ramakian’, Sita is Ravana’s daughter.

Ravana and Sita
Ravana and Sita

Sita was born to Ravana

As per Ramakian, when Sita was born to Ravana, the sages had warned him that his own daughter will become the reason for his death. Therefore, out of fear, Ravana had put her into the sea.

But as luck would have it, Sita survived and was found by Janak. Wait, there is more to the story. Ravana even came to attend her swayamvara, as he did not know this fact.

Ravana attends her swayamvara


Since Raavan did not know that Sita is his daughter, so he had come to attend her swayamvara. However, because she was his daughter their marriage could not happen. But the fact told by the sages to Ravana turned true as Sita became the reason for Rama and Ravana’s battle, eventually resulting in end of Ravana .

Apart from this incident, there are many other shocking things that one can find in Thai Ramayana.

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