Rainbow, a seven coloured arch, which is formed when sunlight passes through the droplets of moisture. A very natural phenomenon, but is a favourite component in mythology.
According to Greek mythology, rainbow is considered as a path made by messenger (iris) between earth and heaven. According to Hindu mythology, its called Indradhanush i.e. bow of God Indra (Indra is considered as a God of rain, thunder and lightning). Another mythology says it’s bow of God of love. Whereas according to Chinese mythology, a slit in sky which is sealed by a Goddess with different colours of stones. In Norse mythology it’s a bridge between home of God and humans.
Rainbows can be formed by other forms of water than rain, including dew, mist and spray. We confuse them with rainbow.
A Circumhorizontal arc, or fire rainbow, is ice-halo formed on cirrus clouds at higher altitude by ice crystals.
Circumhorizontal arc or fire rainbow
A Circumzenithal arc this is formed due to refraction of sunlight through horizontally-oriented ice crystals, generally in cirrus clouds.

Circumzenithal arc, high above the horizon

Fog bow often known as white rainbows or cloud bows because it is white in colour. This is similar to rainbow, but the small size of water droplet causes fog.

A Fog bow

Glory is much smaller than rainbow. Its a combine effect of reflection, refraction and diffraction, by the cloud of refracting water droplets towards its source. It can be seen only when the observer is in between sun and cloud of refracting water droplet.

Glory with aircraft shadow in center

Sun dog, is a kind of ice halo, a coloured patch of light on both right and left side of sun.
A bright Sun dog

Moonbow is also known as lunarbow or lunar rainbow , this is formed when the light is reflect from the surface of moon, These are faint as compared to rainbows.

Moonbow or Lunar rainbow
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