Independence Day, 15 August

15th August is a glorious day in Indian history. This day in 1947 India got Independence. India was colonised by British Empire for more than 200 years, and after a prolonged struggle for freedom, India got Independence on 15 August, 1947. This has come at a price, as India was divided into two parts, Hindu dominated -India and Muslim dominated-Pakistan. This unfortunate event is known as ‘partition’.
There are many men and women, who sacrifice their whole life for attaining freedom. Today is the day to remember all these people, who fought for this cause.
On this auspicious day, festival type atmosphere is found every where. People eat delicious Jalebi and Poori. Kites are flown today. In fact, Kite flying is an Independence Day sport in India.
Here are some glimpses of the olden/golden time.
Pandit Nehru
Pandit Nehru
Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru taking oath as India’s first Prime Minister
Nehru taking oath on first independence day
Nehru taking oath on first independence day
Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru with Lord and Lady Mountbatten

Prisoners being released on Independence Day

prisoners being released

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