Story of Garud and emergence of snakes

Lord Vishnu, Lakhsmi and Garud
Lord Vishnu, Lakhsmi and Garud

Interesting story from Indian mythology

In Indian mythology, there are interesting stories covering all aspects of Human life. There is an interesting story on emergence of snakes as well.

Daksha, his daughters and Sage Kashyap

In Satyug, Daksh Prajapati had two daughters named Kudru and Vinta. They both were married to sage Kashyap.Sage Kashyap was very happy with his wives, one day he asked them to ask for a wish.

Kudru asked for 1000 (tejaswi)snakes as her sons. Whereas Vinta asked for two sons but they should be superior in all aspect to Kadru’s sons. (tej sharir aur bal). Sage Kashyap granted them their wish and went to jungle for meditation. Kudru and Vinta were very happy.

Birth of Sons and accident of Vinta

After some time Kudru gave birth to 1000 eggs and Vinta gave birth to two eggs. Eggs were carefully kept in a warm place. After 500 years 1000 snakes emerged from Kudru’s eggs, but two eggs of Vinta didn’t hatch.

Vinta was very anxious to see her sons. One day out of anxiety she opened one of the egg, but the baby inside the egg was not formed completely. Upper half of the body of the baby was complete but lower half was not complete.

Charioteer of Sun

The baby cursed Vinta that she will have to serve her sister Kudru for 500 years and the baby born with the second egg can only relieve you from my curse. The boy flew in the sky and became sarthi of the Sun.The redness which is seen in the morning represents him and thus he gets the name Arun.

How Vinta was cheated

One day Kudru and Vinta were walking in the garden and they saw a white horse(which emerged during the churning of ocean). Kudru asked Vinta to guess the colour of the horse. Vinta replied its a white horse then, Kudru said yes it is a white horse but it has a black tail. They bet each other on this issue on a condition that the one who will loose will become slave of the winner.

They decided to see the horse again. Kudru wanted to cheat Vinta so she ordered her thousand sons to cover the tail of the horse and those who will not obey her command will burn into ashes in the Janmajya’s sarpyagya because she didn’t want to loose and become slave.

When Brahma heard about this curse he became very happy because at that time snakes became very powerful and giving trouble to all. This curse was a blessing for all.

Next morning both siters went to see the horse. Meanwhile all the snake in fearof their mother’s curse stick to the tail making it to appear black.Vinta was unaware of the trick, When she saw the black tail she became very sad on loosing and becoming a slave.

The Lie of Kadru
The Lie of Kadru

Birth of Garud

After 500 years Vinta’s egg hatched and outcame a bird (pakshiraj Garud).One day he asked her mother that why I should always obey snakes. Then Vinta told him the story of how she was cheated and made slave.

Garud went to snakes and asked them what he can do to free his mother from slavery. Snakes demanded for Amrit. Garud went to bring Amrit.

Bringing Amrit for snakes

Before starting his journey He asked his mother what he can eat. Vinta told him that on the way he will find a colony of Nishaad he can eat them and continue his journey. she warned him not to eat or kill any brahman even by mistake.

Garud started his journey. When he reached the colony of Nishaad he ate them but his hunger was not satisfied so he went to his father sage Kashyap. Sage told  him that nearby there is a  river. In that river there is a huge elephant and a big turtle both are enemies and keep on fighting.

Sage Kashyap told him the story of their previous live that they were brothers but hate each other and keep on fighting they cursed each other to become a elephant and a turtle and in this life also they keep fighting so you can eat them and satisfy your hunger.

Garud after taking blessing from his father continued his journey.

Garud beats Gods to acquire Amrit

When Gods saw him coming they were a bit worried about the security of the amrit. They strengthen the security of the pot all in vain after a fearful battle with Lord Indra and other Gods. Garud was successful  in taking the pot of Amrit.

When Garud granted a wish to Lord Vishnu

When Lord Vishnu saw him he was impressed that Garud has no greed to drink Amrit so he granted him a wish that he will become immortal even without drinking amrit. Garud also granted him a wish that he will become his vahan (vehicle).

Garud and Lord Vishnu
Garud and Lord Vishnu

Lord Indra’s boon to Garud

Lord Indra was also surprised to see such a brave courageous and powerful bird, Lord Indra expressed his eagerness to become his friend. Garud accepted Indra as his friend. When Indra asked him the the reason why he wanted Amrit. Garud told him the whole story about how his mother was cheated and made slave. Garud said he will give this amrit to snakes and  in return they have promised to free his mother. Indra said if snakes will drink this amrit they will be trouble for all. Garud said his intentions are not to make them drink this  he said you can take it from the place where i will keep it. Lord Indra granted him a wish that these powerful snakes will be his food.

Garud frees his mother

Garud came back to his mother and told the snake that he has brought amrit. He told the snakes  to take bath before drinking the amrit and kept the pot on the grass. snakes went to take bath and in the meantime Lord Indra came and took the pot of amrit back to heaven.

when snakes returned they understood that they were cheated and it was the result of their cheating. They started licking the blades of the grass on which the pot was kept thus their tongue was bifurcated.

Why Kush is considered auspicious

Grass (kush) is considered auspicious because some drops of amrit spilled on it when Garud kept the pot on it and Indra took it back.


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