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Draupadi – A role model

A lot has been said about the character of Devi Draupadi and lot of these suggest that she was lesser than a dignified soul. For those, this must be said that she was one of the panchkanyas and remembering here every morning washes away sins of a person. This should be noted that even Devi Sita does not have this honour of being part of Panchkanya.

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Lets discuss some of the aspects of her life which look controversial.

  • Becoming the wife of five brothers: Here she did not have any control on what was decided for her by others. Kunti said to Pandavas to share her and Yudhishthira justified his mother’s orders. Draupadi had accepted this and carried out her duties diligently. Infact, rtaher than objecting to this arrangement, she has agreed which is praiseworthy. She had five husbands because of a boon from Lord Shiva
  •  Denying Karna a chance to win her in Swayamvara: This is said that Draupadi has made her comment towards Karna that she did not want to be married to him as he is a suta putra. This is indeed a less than expected virtue from the lady, but a swayamvara meant that the bride should choose her groom and she did exactly that. Draupadi Swayamvara events
Draupadi Vastraharan
Draupadi Vastraharan

Draupadi Vastraharan – Perhaps the most shameful and infamous incident where a woman was subjected to humiliation. Here also, Draupadi kept asking to everyone that how Yudhishthira could lose her when he was already a slave. This was a valid question, but everyone in the court was so much blind that nobody cared to answer, including Bhishma, Dhritrashtra, Drona and others.  This was the time when Dharma appeared to have deserted the earth. And then the real culprits, Dushashana, Karna and Duryodhana who have treated and commented on her as a derogatory human being. The question raised here is why she should be blamed when so called greats of Kuru vansh have subjected her with humiliation?

A role model wife who even taught Satyabhama: This is an interesting story where Satyabhama once asked her that how she manages to keep everyone happy. In reply to this, she asked Satyabhama that rather to expect, she should learn to give and then there will be no difficulties. This was indeed a remarkable event where Draupadi taught the Lord Krishna’s better half.

The Story of Akshaypatra : Draupadi had this great bowl of food with help of which, she managed to keep everybody satiated. But this required one condition that she should be last to eat from it and after that the akshaypatra will not provide food. Imagine this, when on one hand this bowl of food kept hunger at bay, it also meant that Draupadi could not eat until everyone have consumed food. Think of this, if someone has to be hungry until everybody have had their food. Not an easy task.

Draupadi serving Food to Durvasa Rishi from Akshaypatra

Why she should not be regarded as a role model?

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