The Navratri Quiz

Welcome to the Navratri Quiz. Do you know Rama offered his eye to Devi Durga. One form of Durga rides a donkey. There is more. If…
Boons in Indian mythology

Boons in Indian mythology

Boons are integral part of Indian Mythology. Lord Brahma is associated with some of the famous boons. Here are some of the famous boons are detailed. I am sure you will enjoy some of the known and unknown boons.

Navgrah Vatika

In Hindu mythology, all the God and Goddesses are associated with some trees, shrubs and creepers. Similarly, all nine planets are believed to control the destiny of a person are associated with trees, bushes and grass.  Navgrah Vatika is a garden of nine trees, bushes and grasses which represents planets. These trees are planted in a particular direction to get the benefits of nine planets or grahs hence it is called Navgrah Vatika.

श्री कृष्ण – जांबवती

श्री कृष्ण - जांबवती बहुत पहले द्वारका पुरी में भोजवंशी राजा सत्राजित रहता था। सूर्य की भक्ति-आराधना के बल पर उसने स्वमंतक नाम की अत्यंत चमकदार…
Lord Ganesha stories

Lord Ganesha stories

On the eve of Ganesha Chaturthi, here are some of the interesting stories about Lord Ganesha. How he became Ekdant Brahmavart Puran states that  when Parshuram…
Lord Krishna

Birth of Lord Krishna

The story of birth of Lord Krishna   We know that Kamsa has imprisoned his sister and brother in law because of the Akshwani that eighth…