Drona providing knowledge of Brahmastra to Arjuna

Seven little known facts about Arjuna

Arjuna, the gifted archer of his times, has struggled and humbled few times. Being a good disciple, he had the liking of his Guru and Lord Krishna, which provided him invaluable edge. Presented here are some of the lesser knows stories of Arjuna. Arjuna’s son sacrificed himself before Kurukshetra war Iravan, was the son of …

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Arjuna receiving Pashupata

Arjuna and Kirata

 Arjuna and Kirata There is a humbling story about Arjuna who was humbled by Kirata. The world’s greatest archer, did not know how to beat an ordinary Kirata. He was made to understand that being greatest archer did not mean he was invincible. Mukasura and his death Arjuna did great penance in quest of Divyastras. …

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Curses on Arjuna (Mahabharata – Indian mythology)

Curses on Arjuna Mahabharata is full of incidents of curses, yet when curses are mentioned with reference to Mahabharata in Indian mythology, we would normally associate Karna, but Arjuna also had some curses. But this can be argued that though these have been curses, Arjuna was able to use them to his and Pandava’s advantage. …

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