Goddess Alakshmi ( A unheard deity)

We all know about the Goddess Lakshmi, but few of us know about Alakshmi, who is equally and important Goddess, but unpopular for other reasons.

Alakshmi is elder sister of goddess Lakshmi.  She is Goddess of misfortne, bad luck, durbhagya, inauspiciousness. She represents every thing opposite to Goddess Lakshmi. Another name for Alakshmi is Nirriti.

She has dry shriveled up body, sunken cheeks, thick lips, and beady eyes and she rides a donkey. She likes to live where people are full of ego, vanity, and selfish mindset.

Emergence of Alakshmi

There are many myths related to emergence of Alakshmi.

According to one belief, Alakshmi was born with goddess Lakshmi during churning of ocean. Goddess Lakshmi emerged from amrita and Alakshmi emerged from  Kalakuta poison dripping from vasuki naga’s mouth.Another belief, says her sister was born from the radiance of Prajapati’s face, while Alakshmi was born from his back.


Her existence with sister Lakshmi

Alakshmi is said to co-exist with Lakshmi. Where there is Lakshmi, there is Alakshmi. Some legends believe she is invisible in existence while some believe she is always near Lakshmi in the form of a owl.

Alakshmi brings, discord, strife, jealousy, mlice and hardship where ever she goes. Proximity to her gives rise to lack of knowledge, vision and positive thinking. She divides families and destroys wealth. She plants distrust and misunderstanding among family members, friends and relatives.

How to pray to Alakshmi

One should always acknowledge Alakshmi as she accompanies Lakshmi everywhere. she is the negative energy or force that silently comes with rising wealth. one must be very careful to not let riches corrupt them. Auspicious wealth has invisible seeds of sinful pride, arrogance, sloth, surrounding it.

Ritually, one keeps sweets in the house for Lakshmi Ma while lemons and chillies are kept outside the house for Alakshmi. Symbolically, Lakshmi is welcomed through the decorated main front door and Alakshmi is seen off through the little back door.

Interesting stories of Alakshmi 

1. Once Goddess Lakshmi visited a trader.  He was very happy to see her and welcomed her in his home. But he was sad to see his  Alakshmi behind the radiant goddess.

Trader was very smart. He bowed to both the goddesses with respect. He then said that Lakshmi looks beautiful as she enters a home and Alakshmi looks beautiful as she leaves a home. In saying so, Lakshmi or wealth and splendour moved with him to his home while, misfortune, discord, and poverty moved away from his home.

2. According to one story, she was upset because her younger sister was wife to Vishnu and was living in the Vaikuntha paradise, while she had neither husband nor abode. Lakshmi then decreed “Mrityu, god of death, decay, and degeneration will be Alakshmi’s husband and she will dwell wherever there is dirt, ugliness, sloth, gluttony, envy, rage, hypocrisy, greed and lust.

3. She can only be kept at bay Goddess Saraswati or sound knowledge and good judgement. Lord Vishnu knows this secret. It is believed, Goddess Swarsati stays hidden on Vishnu’s tounge and through knowledge keeps him steadfast on the path of ‘Dharma’ or righteousness. He is never swayed by the cunning tricks of Alakshmi and so Ma Lakshmi never leaves his side – ever.

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