An article on Sachin Tendulkar

I am becoming nostalgic reading about Sachin Tendulkar, SRT. I was very angry when I wrote this post because a friend of mine has criticised SRT. So, please help yourself.

(This post was written on Octber 25, 2005)

When this guy is batting and batting the way he used to, How can I keep myself in check!!! Looks like Chappel said to him- Go son, enjoy yourself and let us enjoy your batting. Appears to me that he has been asked to go and use pyrotechnics to blast the opposition and not to try to win matches for india. After all, its a team game!!!!!!!!!!! One good article I found at It feels good to hear words like God and Ferrari ( Mind you these are not mine.)

Wait a minute. I have almost forgot to write about Dravid. Shot of the match was played by him.( even second innings is not played). Inside out to extra cover for 6.

By the way, today Tendulkar was wearing jersey no. 33.

I got a chance to get photographed with my hero at Madame Tussaud’s too.

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