When Bhishma matched his Guru

We all know stories about Bhishma pratigya, but little do we know about him holding his Guru, bhagwan Parshurama for twenty two days. Yes, this is true, there was a battle between these great warriors that ended in a stalemate.

The story goes like this, after rejected by her lover, Amba reached to Parshurama and requested him to teach Bhishma a lesson. Parshurama, who also was the teacher of Bhishma, decided to fight him in order to have justice for Amba. The fight ensued for a long time and nobody could be beaten. Reason, Parshurama was akhand chiranjeevi, means one who could not die and Bhishma had a boon from his father, Shantanu, that he would be able to choose the time of his death.

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