Two cover drives and a straight one

This is how the Indian reply to England can be summed up. One of them is hit by the maestro, Mr Tendulkar and One by ever dependable, The Wall, but had so much of contrast. I am not sure how critics would react as the one played by T did not have noticeable feet movement, just shifting of the body weight and meeting the red cherry with the meat of bat and you would say, wow, exquisite timing. Second played by Rahul had some movement, adjustment of feet and same effect the bat meeting the ball at the right moment. Again a gasp and a chase which resulted in ball winning the race.


Pic.- Sachin coming to out to bat at Lords

Would have been better if it this was first boundary hit by Tendulkar, but thanks to KP, an overthrow resulted in the first boundary by the great man. Meanwhile I forgot the straight drive hit my the newcomer, Abhinav Mukund, well to me, it was the shot of the morning. Though he missed out on a well deserved half century, looks like the lad has the temperament to go further. Time only will tell, though.

Can’t help but have to react to the remarks by KP, these are just mind games, the big man looks supremely fit and the way he is batting, he can get out in only two ways, either playing an atrocious shot, which is unlikely, or done in by a jaffer. We never know, though, Cricket is a stragne game and the people who play the game are even stranger. Remember Kapil Dev hitting out four sixes in a row when India was nine wicket down and struggling to avoid follow on or Tendulkar hitting 241 without playing a single cover drive.

Thats it for now. Going to catch the telly.