Seven Amazing Trees

Bristlecone pine

Seven amazing trees from all over the world. Oak chapel Oak chapel or Chêne chapelle is an oak tree, is a religious monument and object of pilgrimage.This is situated in Allouville–Bellefosse, France. The tree is between 800 to 1,200 years old. The hollow trunk has two chapel inside which were build in 1669. This religious … Read more

Seven Wonders of Camouflage

Seven wonders of Camouflage I am back with another wonder of nature, this is camouflage or colour changing ability of some species of invertebrates and vertebrates. This is a unique characteristic or rather a weapon which is some time used as a defense and sometime to catch prey. These creatures so perfectly blend with the … Read more

Seven architectural wonders of nature

Nature is full of wonders but these architects of natural world are amazing. These creatures have not taken any training and still are masters. In true sense, their creations are the seven wonders of architecture of natural world. 1. SOCIABLE WEAVER BIRD The sociable weaver build their nests on trees, which are largest in the … Read more