A tribute to Sachin – Amul ads

A prodigy called Sachin Tendulkar Sachin has been portrayed in Amul Ads over the years. As his retirement from test matches approaching, We have decided to show some of the interesting Amul ads about this legend. When Shoaib refused to bowl to Sachin This was released when Sachin made the first ODI double hundred. He […]

O teacher – a tribute to you

In Indian culture, teacher is given a higher position than father and mother. Teacher All over the world, a teacher holds an exalted place. It is the teacher who is responsible for his pupil’s  welfare and his education. So, he is given a special place all over the world from ancient times to today as […]

If Sachin does not get to the hundred mark?

This article is not to predict whether Sachin will get his hundredth ton or not, rather this article is about the similar instances and landmarks of sport persons, which have been hard to come by. By this time, this is irrelevant to talk about the capability of the prodigy called Sachin Tendulkar,because he had made […]