Shakuni in Mahabharata

Shakuni – the real story

October 17, 2013 Ritu 6

Shakuni We know that Shakuni was the person who masterminded the ascendancy of Duryodhana by beating Pandavas in gambling. What we don’t know that he […]

Pandavas marry Draupadi

Pandavas after Mahabharata war

September 20, 2013 Ritu 17

 Pandavas after Mahabharata war What happened to Pandavas after the Mahabharata war? It was nothing like Shri Ram ruled Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. But this […]

Krishna and Arjuna - Nar and Narayan

51 facts – Mahabharata

January 10, 2013 Ritu 26

 Mahabharata – facts In the epic Mahabharata, there are numerous facts which fascinates us. This is also known as pancham veda or fifth veda. Few people […]

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Arjuna and Babruvahana

January 23, 2010 Ritu 1

Babruvahana and Arjuna There is an interesting side story in Mahabharata about Babhruvahana who was even more skilled to his father, Arjuna. He succesfully stopped […]


Mahabharata – Vidura

January 13, 2010 Ritu 0

Vidura One of the most knowledgeable characters of Mahabharata, who alongwith Chanakya, is coined as the father of politics. Vidurneeti is still referred in india in […]