Festival of Chhath

September 15, 2016 Ritu 0

The Chhath festival Chhath is a festival of reverence to the solar deity, the only festival in the world where devotees offer salutations to the […]


June 30, 2013 Ritu 5

Panchkanya – five reverred ladies in Indian mythology [quote]Daily remembering the five maidens great,Ahalya, Draupadhi, Kunti,Thara and Mandodari will destroy the greatest sins[/quote] In Hindu […]

Draupadi cheerharan

Draupadi – an enigma

May 27, 2013 Ritu 1

Draupadi – An enigma Of all characters of Mahabharat, Draupadi’s character is probably the most complex and interesting, barring the Shri Krishna’s character. If I […]

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Revenges by Pandavas

April 25, 2013 Ritu 0

Revenges in Mahabharata Revenge has been indeed a common occurence in Mahabharata. We find that all pandavas have some scores to settle. Interestingly, we do […]