Chitragupta Namastubhyam

Best wishes to all the readers of freeflow on Chitragupta Puja. This puja is important as Lord Chitragupta is the record keeper of Lord Yama. He maintains the record of good and bad deeds of every person. On this day, Kayastha people celebrate Chitragupta Puja.   The mantra of Lord Chitragupta can be found at … Read more

The festival of Chitragupta puja or dawaat puja


The festival of Chitragupta puja Every year, a day after diwali, Kayastha’s all over the world celebrate Chitragupta puja. This festival is also known as Dawaat puja. It is believed that byy doing this puja, devotees will be benefited as Chitragupta god keeps the record of good and evil deeds of every person. Onthe basis … Read more