Some tools for Blogging

Recently I have been trying to use few tools to make blogging easier. I use blogger service and sometimes I find that it gives less than desired space to pen(type) my thoughts. From my own experience, I also find that handling of images is not easy, especially if a post contains number of images. So from a blogger perspective, an ideal editor would be the one which allows formatting easy and provides ample space. This also becomes important if someone uses a laptop of small screen size, and I use a laptop whose screen is of ten inches.
I tried Flock, a new browser with some extensions, Microsoft’s live writer and Google Docs. Yes, Google docs provides us with a feature (little known) where a post can be published directly to a blogging service.
Flock: The features are good and it integrates a lot of other platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, webmail, Bebo. I think you name it you can find it integrated with the flock.
There is a drawback, though, again space, because of so many features and toolbars, the working area becomes less. And the image problem, of course. I cannot select an image from my computer. It seems that this editor can use an image which is available on Internet only, so this editor can accept but cannot C:\My Documents\imageA.jpg. That’s not good as it only limits me to do text blogging and if I need to use an image, then probably I have to go to blogger and add the image there itself. In a nutshell, this browser has got good capabilities, but not suited to someone who is trying to use this only for blogging.
Microsoft Live Writer: I did download this and the installation is huge(160 megs). Somehow I couldn’t remove other products which have been available with the installer. So in effect, there is lot to download and install first before one can start using. I didn’t use it much so feel inadequately equipped to comment on this.

Google Docs: Probably I wouldn’t have tried above options if I have used Google Docs. This fits my criterion of space, image handling, formatting and publishing altogether. And I am using it for penning my posts, when I discovered that posts can be published from here easily. Also add the feature of offline drafting, yes you can instruct google to make your documents available offline, so even while travelling, you can write your posts and publish them at a later date. I am pretty much impressed with this and can recommend Google docs for blogging purposes. Though, there is a drawback, keywords cannot be attached to a post from Google Docs editor. This needs to be done at blogger, but I would use it anyway even if doesn’t allow me to enter keywords.

Please let me know your thoughts if you think this post is useful or you have any suggestion to improve.