Maa Chinnamastika temple at Rajrappa

Maa Chinnamastika temple at Rajrappa

There is a famous temple in the state of Jharkhand, India which is at a place called Rajrappa. This temple hosts the idol of Maa Chinnamastika. There is an interesting story of Maa. This temple is situated on a hillock at the confluence of the Damodar and Bhera (Bhairavi) Rivers near the Rajrappa falls. The temple enshrines the Goddess Chinnamastika  (the beheaded Goddess Kali), one of the ten forms of the Goddess Durga. This temple known as Chinnamastika temple finds place in our vedas and puranas and it has been recognized as an ancient and strong source of Shakti.

Rajrappa temple of Maa Chinnamastika

Legend of Maa Chinnamastika (Chinnamasta)

Bhagwati Bhawani and her two friends were taking bath in Mandakini river. They felt very hungry while bathing and their color changed to black. They reuested Bhagwati devi  to give them something to eat. She asked them to wait for some time, but, due to hunger, they insisted.

Then they pleaded very softly saying “Mother gives food immediately to her children.”  Out of pity, Goddess had cut her head. The head came in left hand and 3 blood streams stated flowing. Two of them went towards the girls. Their hunger was finished drinking theh blood flow and the third stream was drunk by Goddess itself.  This is the story of Maa Chinnamastika.

The legend of Maa Chinnasmastika

The Chhinnamastika temple is popular for its Tantrik style of architectural design. In the month of January a special fair is held here on the festival of Makar Sankranti and attended by lakhs of people. A fair is also organized during the festival of  Vijayadashami and attended by large number of people.

Rajrappa is also a tourist attraction. Nearest town is Hazaibagh. Road Distance or driving distance from Hazaribagh to Maa Chhinnamastika Mandir is 88 kms. Nearest airport is Ranchi.


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