Pictures of Shri Krishna exploits

Shri Krishna and his exploits

His teacher – Sandipani. Sage Sandipani taught Balrama and Shri Krishna.

Shri Krishna and Balrama took education under sage Sandipani. There is famous story how he paid his gurudakshina to his teacher.

Sage Sandipani – teacher of Krishna and Balrama

Kansa tried hard to kill the Bal Krihsna and employed various demons. First was Pootna, who visited Nand gram and on pretence of feeding him, tried to poison. The kid took the life out of her.

 Pootna (putna) was appointed by Kansa to kill Krishna

Kansa appointed Putna to kill Shri Krishna

But she was killed by kid Krishna.

Putna killed by Shri Krishna

God Indra got angry and directed rains to flood the village. He held the mountain as an umbrella on on finger and saved his village, gokul. From his childhood only, he defeated and killed many demons. Suktasoor, Trinawurut are few of them.

in his childhood, he ate mud. After scolded by his mother, he showed three worlds in his mouth. Yashoda understood and said to herself “I am a great fool in looking upon the lord of the three worlds as my son.”

he liberated Jumlajoorun from a curse from Narada, who were born as trees in gokul. These were two sons of Kuber, who were playing in water, did not pay attention to Narada.

Krishna helping villagers by holding govardhan parvat(mountain)

Govardhan Parvat

He killed Aghasura, Dhenukasura who have terrorised the gokul dham.

Krishna taming Kaliya

Killing of Kaliya Nag

There is an interesting story of why Kaliya nag was residing in Yamuna (Gokul).

Shri Krishna and Balrama killing Channura and Mushtika.

Killing of Chhannura and Mushtika

 Krishna killing Keshi

Kesi vadh by Krishna
Kesi vadh

he also killed Vatasur and Vyomasur.

Killing of Bakasura

Bakasura Death

Kansa wanted to kill Krishna. One day, he called the demon Bakasura and asked him to go and kill the infant Krishna. Bakasura, decided to take the form of a huge bird to frighten young Krishna.

One day Krishna was playing with his friends in the forests of Gokul, when he saw a giant bird swooping down on them. Krishna at once understood that a demon sent by Kansa to kill him.

As the giant bird came closer,  Krishna caught its beak and quickly got inside it. Inside the beak, Krishna wriggled around so much that Bakasura’s beak was broken. Exhausted, Bakasura died after some time and fell to the ground.


 Krishna killing Kansa

As per Shrimad Bhagavata Purana, Shri Krishna was 12 when he was finally being recalled to Mathura, by his Maamaa Kansa – so that he could get killed. While Keshav ended up killing Kansa as prophesized, we know that he also liberated Vasudeva and Devaki from prison upon killing his Maternal Uncle Kansa.

Killing of Kansa
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