Panch Purush

When I was reading about Panchkanyas, a thought struck me to create a post with five persons which I think have influenced print and digital media and caught public imagination. I do not have any problem in finding first two of them, not because they are established names and they are specialists in their chosen area, but they are in discussion because they are involved in “not-so-nice” activities in recent past.
The duo which I am talking about is Tiger Woods and our own Narayan Dutt Tiwari, because their deeds are very fresh, but finding other three will require refreshing my memory.
I have found my third member, which is former US president, Bill Clinton. When the news broke out about twelve years ago, he was part of discussion of almost every media. Internet, which was not so mature was filled with his stories and jokes. I remember, then google was not available and blogging was not a concept,but Bill Clinton was probably the most used name on internet.
Now, I am struggling to find other two  names. I could easily pick any example, but I want this list to appear credible, so who I am going to choose?
I found this one with the help of Google. Silvio Berlusconi. Just wondering that this has skipped my attention despite being very recent happening.
This only makes the count to four and as I am struggling to find the fifth name, I don’t want to include any name just for the sake of it. Rather, I will leave this to you to suggest me one. Till  then, this post remain incomplete.

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