Miniature paintings – Mughal, Kangra and Rajasthan

Miniature paintings from India

Miniature paintings are popular folk art form. India, as diverse in flora and fauna and culture, has a range of these paintings which are so different, yet so mesmerising.

Paintings from Mughal Period

One of the important periods in Indian history is Mughal period, which contributed significantly to miniature paintings. The subject of these paintings varied and largely included scenes from court and representing significant events.

This style of painting is believed to be started with Humayun, who brought couple of artists from persia. This flourished in the reins of Akbar, Jehangir and Shahjahan.

Jehangir court scene in miniature painting
Hunting by Mughal emperor

The influence of these rulers is evident on these paintings as these have depicted the scenes of court of these emperors and other activities.

Another miniature painting depicting hunting scenes


Kangra miniature paintings

Kangra miniature paintings are also famous. They mainly depict scenes from Indian mythology involving Shri Krishna. This form of art is originated from Kangra, Himachal pradesh. This paintings also came to known as Pahari school of paintings. Kangra paintings flourished under the ruler Sansar Chand. Some of the masterpieces are available in the museum on his name, Maharaja Sansar Chand museum.

Kangra paintings – Shri Krishna and Radha
Shri Krishna taming Kaliya – Kangra painting

Another gem from Pahari Painting school.

Pahari miniature painting

Rajasthani miniature paintings

Another popular folk art form of paintings are Rajasthani miniature paintings. Rajasthan is premier in this art form, which evolved from Marwar-Mewat region. Some of these priceless paintings are housed in National Museum, New Delhi.


Radha and Krishna playing blind man buff


Rajasthani painting – Krishna and Radha

Bundi is another region where this folk art form has been developed. The blend of Mughal and Deccani art elements in Bundi style is unique. Similarly, kota also provides these paintings whose subject are ram lila, krishna lila, etc.


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