Meet GOOGLE PLUS – new social networking avatar

Looks like Google is trying its hand on social networking with its new project Google Plus. Not much is available about the project, but it seems that various social networking items are rechristened. Have a look at the following:


1. Hangouts – Looks like this is similar to video conferencing.

2. Circles – Your circle, you and your friends. We already have it, Orkut, Facebook, Linked-in. How many social profiles can you manage?

3. Sparks – Way to find out about your interests, etc. Wasn’t buzz was something similar.

I really doubt that this project is just basic what I have wrote above and seriously hope that there is more to it. But the question is, this has to be really remarkable if it has to succeed. We have already seen people moving from Orkut, which was a huge success few years ago, to facebook.  It can happen again, from Facebook to GooglePlus, lets wait and see.

Note: The +1 button below is the building block of this project.