Chinese wedding and ritual of three letters

Chinese wedding

Chinese wedding is a ceremonial ritual within the society. There are six rituals also known as three letters and six etiquette.
Wedding involves three letters. First is the request letter, which is formal request for wedding which is sent from groom’s family to a bride family.Second is the gift letter, which accompanies the gifts of groom family to bride’s family shortly before wedding. And third is the, wedding letter which is given on the date of wedding which is formal acceptance of bride in groom’s family.

Six etiquette’s of Chinese wedding

Proposal: When an unmarried boy’s parents find a potential daughter-in-law. They then locate a matchmaker whose job was to assuage the conflict of interests and general embarrassments on the part of two families largely unknown to each other when discussing the possibility of marriage.
Birth dates: Then the match maker compares the birth dates of two and only if they are compatible according to Chinese astrology next step is followed.
Brides price(Bethrothal gift) now groom family arranges match maker to present bride price with bethrothal letter.
Wedding gift: now groom’s family will sent lots of gifts like cakes, foods and other religious things to bride’s family.
Arranging the wedding: both family will arrange a suitable day for marriage according to Chinese calendar mythology.

A wedding procession with a bride’s sedan

And finally, wedding ceremony which is the final and elaborate one. Firstly, a wedding procession is taken from brides house to groom’s house. This consist of traditional band, bride’s sedan,brides dowry in the forms other than money.Welcoming the bride: the procession stops at the door of groom, where it is welcomed. There are several ceremonies to be followed. Actual wedding ceremonies: Now the exchange vows in west, and pays respect to earth and heaven, to, grooms family and to each other. This is followed by a reception which is known as wedding banquet. All guest give gifts like cash or jewellery in red envelope.


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